still numb

So recently the archer and I had gotten back together (if you hadn’t gathered that, or if I haven’t stated it already). I was having doubts about whether or not our relationship had substance, which I’m pretty sure it does. But, I learned some interesting things by voicing my doubts to him. I also asked him question that led him to ask me “wait, do you think you’re depressed?” And then I answered affirmatively. He said that I should probably go to a doctor to see if I am, and he also mentioned a book that he had read before that he thought would help. Then, he referenced the way that I think (the fact that I always deeply think about things) and said that it would especially be a good book for me probably because of that. So, he kind of proved to me that he knew something that I wasn’t even consciously aware of him knowing. Sometimes I feel like I don’t actually give people credit for things and I usually end up freaking out because I’m a little bit distracted. Now, I’m relieved that I finally talked to him and have sorted out those thoughts. But I still sort of feel numb. Like numb to some feelings. I think maybe I should go with his suggestion and see if there is possibly an underlying reason to why I’ve been feeling the way I do lately.