Why do we date?

Why do we date? I know why I date, do you know why you do? Is it a way to pass time? Feel loved? Or possibly, is it to find who best suits you? Someone who makes you feel loved, and that even when the time passes, it’s been well spent. Someone who you can picture yourself with down the line. It’s not a way to waste time in my opinion; it’s to find that person out there that is not necessarily made for me, but I guess I would say perfectly in sync with me and the oddities I possess. Someone who I don’t have to be guarded around. Who thinks like I do. I like it when my type of affection is mimicked back to me. I like it that when I kiss him with a quick peck, he kisses me back in kind. When I rest my forehead against his, that’s what he was going to do to as well. Someone where the chemistry isn’t forced. It’s exciting. And when someone can get me and like truly understand me, that’s what makes me feel loved. That’s why I date, to find that. To find that type of connection and chemistry.

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