So today I haven’t posted, and I had told you all that I would try to blog as often as I could. So, here’s my attempt at a post today (well more like tonight). This post is on drowsiness. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I stayed up late the other day, or if it’s just something about today, but I have had a hard time staying awake. I’ve just been dragging all day. It all started when I slept past my alarm (which I’m pretty sure didn’t go off), and then it continued throughout the day. The next account was in my exercise class I took. During the class, I was unconsciously going through the motions while zoning out. It was like my mind and my body had disconnected for a brief moment. Then, all throughout school I was tired. The drowsiness still hasn’t left me, however, I still managed to sit through a high school football game and be rather awake. That awake feeling didn’t last very long, though. After the game I came back home and was laying on my bed, I didn’t fall asleep, but I was very exhausted even though I didn’t really do much. Anyways, I’m going to go to bed. I will try to write sometime soon again.

It’s been a few days

So, as I predicted, I think I’ve slacked on writing for a few days now. No worrys though, I might have a few posts in store for you today. This one is about people being ugly. I’m not talking about someone being an ugly person physical, I’m talking about people who act ugly.
It’s such a shame that in this world we live in, someone who’s born into a body that is less that ideal, is labeled as ‘ugly’. They’re called names, picked on, teased or their abnormal features, etc. Why aren’t those features embraced by the rest of all of us? Why can’t we look at someone and appreciate their flaws rather than bash them for it? Rather than go around saying “they’re so ugly”, take a moment and try to step back from yourself and your natural inclination to judge. Take a step back and ask yourself to answer this before making a shallow comment, think, “what is beautiful about them?”
When you focus on someone’s beauty, you open yourself to knowing some people who can teach you things. Would to think its hard to not make snap judgments about people’s looks? Well imagine talking to someone who walks around everyday with people whispering, or even shouting, that they are ugly. Are they really ugly for their odd features? I don’t think they are, I think that it’s us as a nation of people who have come go know a norm, and anything that doesn’t fit that norm makes us uncomfortable. Why should they be called ‘flaws’? I honestly think we shouldn’t call something a flaw. It’s saying that something is messed up, something that you were born as, that god sculpted, is wrong. How can that be wrong? It’s a horrible thing, that when we’re given these unique people in this world, we don’t appreciate them. It’s like a piece of art (you know, those ones that don’t quite make sense). These people should be the art that gets bought by the most prestigious of us all. When you’re ‘ugly’, I think there’s one thing that you’re not missing out on. That prestigious buyer, that person who chooses to love you despite these ‘flaws’, you know they truly love you. They love you for who you are. You’re the painting, as odd as it may seem to others, that they think is perfect. They could’ve had all of the boring and similar paintings, but they know that that’s not where the beauty lies. Why look for someone to accept, who looks like the others? We’re all unique, yet we have these ‘ideals’. We should accept our ‘flaws’, or the things that people say about our appearance, and realize how it can make us better.
One thing that I get a lot (and I know this isn’t very bad) is that I look young, or that I have an ‘innocent’ face.
I don’t even know why that is, sometimes it bugs me, that people think just by my face that in innocent. They apply it to me not doing anything bad, and say it’s because I’m innocent. I don’t believe that my reasons are because I’m innocent, but because of the fact that all of these worldly things don’t seem like something I should trust yet. I know, I’m getting defensive about it, but maybe here’s the niceness about that. Maybe it will allow people to see the one i guess, ‘innocent’ side about me, which is that I’m a trustworthy person, or at least I feel like I am. But what’s another thing that this heir of innocence could get me…
I guess that something I could take away from it is that I need to be smart about how I deal with others. Because acknowledging the fact that people think i’m innocent means that I know what happens to innocent people. Sometimes they’re taken advantage of. Sometimes someone will take prey on an especially ‘innocent’ individual. I may look helpless to these predators, but one thing I’ll know is that I need to be careful.