Thinking about the name

So you see, I see that most of y’all out there in this blogging community have pretty good names when it comes to the correlation of it and your blog subject matter. So, I feel like I should change the name if my blog. Is that like even possible though? I don’t really know. But I’m thinking it should be called something like the ADD chronicles, or like inconsistent thoughts of a teenager. Like seriously I think the lack of commitment stated in my name about writing anything would make it less confusing for you when I do stuff. Like I think that I had told you all the other day that that one post was going to be followed up with a few more? Well I don’t even remember if I did that. Also, if this was a blog geared towards my random goldfish attention span moments it just might make more sense. So please comment below and tell me if there is any way that you can change a blog name without getting a completely new blog. Also, comment about whether or not you think it sounds interesting for me to start writing about the smallest of random things.

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