One night

So one night I was having a lot of trouble staying asleep. I’d put my head on the pillow and close my eyes and everything, and I’d be set, right? Well yeah, usually, but not that night. It was a few years ago. I had one of those dreams where you’re like walking down some stairs and then you fall, which translates into the reality of you bolting up awakened from your sleep. So it started out with one of those dreams, and like I normally do when those dreams happen, I went back to sleep. But the same thing happened twice after it, and I was kind of freaked out. I was thinking that something was wrong with me because I kept having these falling dreams and just literally could not stay asleep. So I ended up going to my mom about it, and then she suggested that I just try to go back asleep again. I was like “okay”, but I was like frustrated at this point cuz I just wanted some sleep (I had school in the morning). Then, it ended up that it happened two more times, I was crying after that. I just wanted to stay awake after it happening that many times because I thought it was going to happen again. Finally, towards the end of the night I did a fault fall asleep, but it took a while.
Anyways, what reminded me of that was that there was this vine talking about those falling dreams. One of the comments on the vine said “We only have those because our heart is slowing down and the brain sends a jolt to keep you alive. But some day it won’t be strong enough to wake you up.”
That kinda freaked me out. So who knows, maybe my heart was trying to kill me that night o.O

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