What I did today

So today I was in my garage and I randomly came across my brother’s old skate board and it reminded me of a thought of mine the other day. Which was that I wanted to learn how to ride a skate board. It so happened to turn out that we did have a skate board, so I took to the end of the driveway to start my quest (after I ran upstairs to get a Youtube tutorial on the basics of getting on and what my footing should be). So after I had that figured out, it was time to apply it. I admittedly did sort of fall… like once, but that didn’t make me end early. After I had gotten a feel (ish) for how to balance and make it move, I went inside. It’s very fun, and I look forward to learning how to get off of it smoothly and how to increase my speed. But for now, I have the baby step of today where I finally got on a skateboard officially for the first time. :)