A story from my childhood…

Ok, so I haven’t thought of the story I’m going to tell you yet… So one second…
Hmm.. So I’m thinking I’ll tell you about my first (or second? o.0) girlscout meeting.
So it was a nice spring/summer time ish day, and the wind was blowing. We met at a local park for this girlscout meeting. My sister, this one girl, and I all were the three order in the troop, so we were our own unit. When we met this girl, I didn’t imagine that we would’ve been friends for almost 5 years following this. But that’s not the point of the story. So the three of us had already gone over basic getting to know you type of questions, and we proceeded to do an activity (learning a song). So we searched for a place to do it. Away from all the little kids of course because we were the cool older kids ;P ha, just kidding, we were like 10. Anyways, so we had settled on sitting on top of a picnic table. We sang this song called “pink pajamas”. Earlier in the meeting, the troop leader had gone over the ways in which we, as girlscouts, were to respect the flag. The way that stuck out to the three of us was that it wasn’t to touch the ground. Well remember how I said it was a windy day? Well the flag was also set up with a PVC pipe stand, so it wasn’t very sturdy. So, in the middle of our oh so important practice of our rendition of pink pajamas, we saw the flag starting to tilt O.O the horror! (Well at least that’s what we thought in the fifth grade, don’t judge). So we ran to the flag and caught it just in time before it hit the ground :D! Victory was ours. I have to say, the simplest things in life really make you proud when you’re a kid. The three of us felt very proud that day that we were the role model as older girls that we wouldn’t let this piece of fabric touch the ground. Now that I think back to it, it was silly. But on the day, well it was still silly, but it felt more substantial.


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