Insecurities between guys

So what I mean by insecurities is when a guy tries to appear like a man compared to the other guys by putting them down, or showing dominating behavior. For example, I immensely dislike when I see guys try to belittle others guys by putting their hand on their shoulder in an (i don’t even know a good word for it right now, but in a way that they are dominating the other guy, or are attempting to make him look stupid) type of way. Another one that bugs me is that handshake with the shoulder squeeze that some men do in business (or other environments) to show dominance, that they are the top dog or something. What’s annoying though is when guys do these things to appear cool for girls. In my opinion, when guys play dominance and insecure games, that just makes them less attractive. Another one is (even in the position or power) when one tries to make the other appear like a little kid who is naive and reckless, and stupid. I personally think it’s a form of bullying to make fun of someone in a passive way. Even if you aren’t making fun of them to their face, you might as well be.
When guys show off too. That’s really annoying unless they’re actually good at something impressive. Like if this one guy is showing me his cartwheel or something, and you can do a backflip, by all means do the backflip because its unusual to just be able to do. But don’t do something ridiculous that has no merit in the activity.

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