To love again

There are so many pieces of me, darling, that I would be delighted to share with you. In this moment though, I’m wary of whether you are close enough to hear. I don’t know your name, all I know is you are probably very wonderful. I hope that you enamor me with your presence. Take my breath away by your radiance. Cover me with your adoration, only if I deserve it, though. Most of all, I hope that in the moment that you realize I’m all you have wanted, you don’t give up if I don’t feel the same. I hope to have the capacity to feel the same. I want to adore you, I want to be infatuated with you, I want to be convinced without a doubt that I love you. This is what I request from you when you discover me; make me feel the way I think I have already felt, again.


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