Ah, sorry WordPress readers, I have yet again forgotten to write to you all. A few things are factors of why exactly that’s been the case. Recently, I’ve started attending a community college, and I also haven’t felt super duper inspired by anything, so I haven’t taken it upon myself to get on WordPress. But I’ll try to say more on what is going on (ha, right like that is my famous line before I take a month or more off).

Ok, so college…
Let’s see… Where to begin?
Well I’ve met a few interesting and loud people. In one of my classes, I’m one row closer than the back row. The back row in this particular class love to make comments, especially while the teacher is speaking. In the other class, I’m all the way in the back, and it is quite the opposite, everybody is really quiet for this teacher. There are a lot of people who grew up in different places, which is fun to learn about.
But this is a rant. So I will rant about college, and then other things. That back row I was talking about? Well they basically stead my mind right away from the lecture. I mean how can you focus while two people are basically insinuating plans to hook up, while the teacher is just talking about school. Also, it’s kind of distracting when I feel like I hear myself being mentioned in conversations of the people next to them.
All in all, I find college quite fun. It’s some other things that have been bothering me. When people bump me in the kitchen. I was focusing on not dropping powder off of my spoon that I was leading to my water bottle and somebody bumped my arm -_- and poof :O it went on the counter and I had to clean it off.
Another thing, am I the only one that gets easily agitated when someone keeps asking you to repeat yourself? And that happens like many times a day.
Ok, so this post is very scatter brained and not very cohesive, I didn’t really know what to write. So I have one parting question, who has ever tried a 5:45am workout class? and if so, did you manage to get through the rest of a day without a nap?