conversation and logic

At the moment I am not quite sure about what I want to share with you all, but I know I’ll be sharing something that relates to this title…

    So i thought about it. Recently, i ave realized the importance of conversation to me personally, i really like conversations. As i go through my day, i usually unknowingly am rating my conversations in my head based on how interesting or deep i found them to be. Usually with a few select people i can have interesting conversations with daily, however, there are select individuals who don’t know how to interest me with their “conversation.” For the one i have in mind, they always are picking out only observational cues from what is around us at that very moment, “look at the sunset, the clouds are pretty” or “it seems to be a rainy day,” (no duh) this person has nothing important to say to me or anyone at all. They also go on to want to be around me and the others in the area and seek to “entertain” us by saying (in their mind) what they find to be funny (and they are rarely funny… or amusing). This person is an adult, i feel like i have more to say than they do. Whether i’m uninformed about some things, who cares, i feel like even if i don’t know as much as them, i surely think about things more than them. Also, when i ask this person their opinion on things, i feel as though i’m being lectured on this subject as if they are now a professor about whatever i asked them about… i just wanted their opinion, not a f—ing rant.
     Now I will go on to say that I think logic is important. To be able to decipher things and understand things is very important. I personally feel more comfortable knowing the answers to things. So much so that I have started looking up words on Google and saving them in a word doc so that I can reference back to them later and learn their definition. I want to expand my vocabulary and I want to learn things. It makes me kind of disappointed to witness the lack of curiosity in most people. If i want an opinion about something or want to know why something is one way or another, I’ll look it up; however, i feel as though most people my age have no curiosity whatsoever and will let that potential nugget of knowledge fly off into space. The lack of ambition to expand the mind is depressing, because it’s the most stable asset we have. To be able to have the company of a mind might eventually weigh out the company of a body in my opinion. Looks fade, status fades (social), most things fade, but what doesn’t usually fade (provided you use it) is your intellect and ability to have good conversations with people. What i wish to say to some people is to “look things up, become more aware, don’t be content with ignorance.” 

There are lots of problems in this social world. We are to quick to make blank statements (without even verifying with ourselves quite yet of what we want to say), we are to slow to love when we are being loved, or contrarily we love too much too fast, we stay up late when it’s […]

it’s monday

So I saw a quote, and it was taking about life shutting and opening doors. I have a theory, maybe the reason why Monday sucks is because the events of past weekends are now gone, and it’s back to the real world. It’s back to the problems of life. Maybe you may still have problems throughout the weekend, but I think Monday just magnifies them in your mind. Because you’re back to reality, you’re back to having to think about things. You have to return to being structured. Not necessarily even a pristine structured, it’s just the fact that you’re back in the real world. You either have school, college, work, or heck, bingo to go back to after the weekend– you go back to your normal routine. What I think changes our lives, and shapes the future so much though is what happens on the weekends, or our times of copious amounts of free time. We do things and things happen, that change the day to day weekly life. For instance, if you go on a date on a Fri. Sat. Sun., you’re most likely having new thoughts about that person, or what to do about the fact that maybe they were a bad kisser but they still suggested (god forbid) another date, and you want to turn them down nicely. On weekends you see your friends, may get drunk and do some embarrassing things, or say that something that you shouldn’t have. Those could following you into next week when you possibly see your co-worker after an embarrassing kiss, or you’re best friend now hates you because you were too honest with her while you were intoxicated. I just think that we possibly loose our inhibitions a little bit and then Monday is the day that it catches up with us.