So I did it– I read my favorite book again. it’s strange how one book that will always contain the same story, and always ends the same way, can still remain exciting to read. It has been so long since I had last read it that some parts felt like they were new. It was as if magical book fairies highlighted words for me to distinctly notice this time around. Maybe it’s not the fairies, though. Possibly it could be this entire last year or more that has gone by since I had last read the book. Overtime, it’s not that you find certain parts of the story less important, and swap them out for new details, but the ones that seemed so important at first kind of fade to the background because new parts of life are more relevant to you now, so new parts of the story start having added significance. The only concept I had had of what “love” could be when I first read the book was just simply comprised of what I had read previously in my life. Now, I have had boyfriends, and have felt “in love,” or at least been close to feeling “love.” Lately though, I’m just skeptical about a lot. I feel as though there needs to be a list that I start making now of what I want, because previously just looking at people and accessing them then and there and thinking “hmm…they are attractive, I have a crush on them” hasn’t worked so well. I know that I’m young and have a lot of time to think about that, but I want to focus at least on the qualities that I won’t tolerate, and on the ones that I want in somebody that I’m dating. Anyway, my current status: single. (For future reference for myself I’m going to start doing that. I might mention options, and I will certainly mention if I’m in a relationship or not– if I can remember to do so, that is…)

If you want the name of the book, just ask in the comments below 🙂


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