Describe yourself

Should i describe who I am, or what I am like? Colleges ask you to write following these prompts saying, “in order to get to know you Brett, we ask that you answer this:……. Blah blah blah”, pretending like they care about you, when in realty it’s a mandatory probing of the self-conscious so that they know you are a “critical thinker”. That phrase in itself baffles me, it makes me feel like such an expectation has been placed on me when I’m advised to ‘think critically at a college level,’ so I’m stressed because there’s no measure of capability for critical thinking. It involves your subjective take on something, which is then processed by another human mind in a subjective rather than objective way. So, either your work is enjoyable, or it’s not. You don’t have any benchmark, because that’s not how it works. I guess a little bit of stress is healthy for everyone, but why not be really specific about what you mean? Do you want the anecdotal version of my life that recounts my entire history back to front including medical records? or do you want the fun version that shows human-like characteristics? I don’t see how the later could impress an intellectual that is looking for ‘bright’ individuals, but then again I suppose it’s the level of your vocabulary that matters to them. Overall, i think that the statements used in schooling are basically an educator’s mental master key that they use to scare students into relinquishing any mental observations that they may have, because they are scared that they may not measure up.


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