love and crazy things

It’s so strange, the one type of “love” that most of us never question is the love that is portrayed and enjoyed by tv characters. The other day I was watching a really good show (I won’t mention the name just in case any of you watch the show, I don’t want to spoil it). So the main girl gets cheated on by a boyfriend and they break up but remain still in contact because they talk in the hallways at school. A lot of episodes later, she is with a new guy and he is like the all around sweet guy that wouldn’t cheat on her and begins as her friend. They eventually date and then the ex becomes a problem because she is worried about him, so she tracks him down one day, and somehow (I won’t say how unless it is requested) he gets beaten up. She’s there for him, one thing leads to another, they kiss and have sex and she cheats on the “friend” boyfriend, but at the time they were going through a small, maybe big, fight. So she is in love with the ex that cheated on her and the cheating is somewhat behind them, but now she is doing the same thing to a whole other guy because of the fact that she had sex with her ex that she is still in love with. I’m very conflicted, you see, because she is a really sweet character, and she doesn’t want to hurt the guy, but it’s done already. So questions for you all: Would you ever get back with an ex who cheated on you? If you cheated on them with someone else, would that in any way make you understand how they could just cheat on you? Thoughts? Do you think that love can blind your thoughts and make you do things that you would normally not do? Have you ever cheated on anyone? I’d really enjoy to hear any feedback that you all have.


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