truthful opinions

Today I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and came across this one channel that i have seen a few times before “dude panel.” Now i don’t know what I think of the channel yet, but i don’t think i’ll be inclined to subscribe to them in the near future… for a few reasons. The host always says something to the effect of “hey beautiful” to the audience of whoever views the videos, so I don’t really think that is genuine and really necessary. The channel is comprised of multiple “dudes” who share their opinions whether it be in a group setting of them all chatting, or of each one of them alone doing videos on different subjects. There was this one discussion video that they did where about 5 or 6 of them where in a room and they were giving opinions of “does a girl’s weight matter?” This video was made years ago in 2008, but I don’t think that makes any of their words less authentic to this day. First of all, I don’t believe that going into this video they thought of anything other than sharing their own thoughts about the question. Do you really expect a constructive answer from guys in a group consulting each other on their opinions? Their videos are made based on opinion and they can offend people. But if you think about it, most things have the ability to offend people in some way or another… I think one thing that made women mad about it was the fact that there were some chubby, big bellied guys giving their opinions about how a girl can’t put on “too much weight” or she won’t be attractive anymore. These were uncensored opinions from average looking guys just talking to each other, but I think viewers failed to keep something in mind while watching the video. These guys are talking about the girl that would ideally be what most guys would want (which i don’t think a sample of guys really can pin-point an exact look that you should attain in order to be attractive to everyone in the world, but…) and they weren’t going to make a 7-10 minute video on guys that all going around saying “every girl is beautiful” (even though they have said actually said, “you are all beautiful,” in a video before…). If girls were to make a video on what they find attractive, a lot of guys would probably have a hard time feeling at ease with it as well, too.

Girls would probably say 6 pack abs with a nice ass and nice legs, but there are caveats to everything, and that wouldn’t include the specific details of what shape of those things is attractive. Some girls find chunky guys with abs hot, while others find skinny guys with abs attractive too. What to keep in mind is that no one should be giving an opinion about weight because it is all subjective when it comes down to attractiveness. You (being a guy or a girl) could have a very exceptional body, but might still not possess someone’s preferred skin color, hair color, eye color, face shape, muscular structure, and so on. Girls like to be conscious about their appearance and that is why I believe that these men gave their opinions on this subject in the first place, because there is the demand for opinions and feedback, but it should be taken with a grain of salt as well. Knowing what guys like may be beneficial if you have all of those features already, yet it can be defeating for those who just don’t have the genetics for the desired look. Guys may say they are an “ass man,” or a “boob man,” but you might not be well endowed in those areas, but that isn’t to say all hope is lost. There will always be someone who is attracted to your type, and there will always be someone who isn’t attracted to it as well! Just like we are not all attracted to every type of guy, no guy is attracted to every type of girl. So for anybody who watches “dude panel” or would like to go and comment on their video “does a woman’s weight matter,” keep these thoughts in mind. Why does the opinion of someone who is not my type even matter to me? Who is my type? Am I attracted to every guy I see? No, so guys probably aren’t attracted to every girl. Basically the video should have kindly said “girls, we care about you staying healthy and don’t want to have you gaining weight and becoming unhealthy” because it’s true, you might change if you put on weight, maybe become a little less confident, happy, motivated to be attractive, etc. But there’s no reason that you should take much offense about their opinion, for that is all it is… An opinion, not a fact. Some of them complained about if a girl gained like 10-30 pounds, she wouldn’t be hot anymore, but does the same go for guys? If you had a guy that was nice and toned when you got him, would you be upset if he put on weight and that came along with an unappealing beer gut and man boobs? Instead of becoming offended by these types of videos, maybe we could turn on our own camera and invite some friends over and make one by us. Guys might be well overdue for hearing a video of honest opinions by girls.


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