Hello everyone

Hey guys, so I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. School has between crazy lately, and I haven’t really felt a creative spark either. I haven’t been feeling too much inspiration at all really. I’ve been brushing against it by searching for writing prompts, but I’ve found that during the semester there is never any time for enjoyable creative endeavors, but rather, mind numbing busy-work that professors assign you, when they truthfully know they’ve been learning this subject for years and they still don’t know everything about it either. The problem I have with school isn’t that I despise learning at a core level, but more that I like to learn the things I’m interested in, and not spend a terribly long time learning about subjects that are more tortuous than thought-provoking. Although I feel drained of my creativity at the moment, I still have some things to share with you. This semester I’m taking a Geology class, and despite it not being a subject that I’m interested in, I do realize that it’s a course that will broaden my horizons and will hopefully make me appreciate the environment around me more by the end of the semester. Another thing that I’ve noticed so far after attending college for three semesters now, is that the spring semester is always an emotionally tumultuous semester because it’s easier to fall out of routine as the weather gets colder and I’m able to wear more layers. However, my cold-induced laziness is one that I only cherish for a few days, until I realize that my workout schedule is falling behind and I’m becoming weaker every day that I come up with different excuses for not working out. Luckily though, I’ve broken out of that stage of cold weather laziness and have now jumped back on the wagon of prepping for lighter layers and my favorite and a more active season– Summer! I cannot wait to have the summer to finally write out stories in response to the many writing prompts I have saved on Pinterest, as well as to spend more time with my boyfriend. One class that I’m enjoying so far this semester is my argumentative writing class. Since writing is usually more pleasurable than not for me, working on my English homework is almost a sort of break in comparison to my other classes. Overall, I would say that this is my hardest semester thus far, but it is manageable.


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