OBJECTIVE: Write a scene that involves a tuning fork

It was a rainy day and as I looked outside I saw the intense raindrops crash on top of the branches of the trees near my office. Clarissa, my daughter, was working on her drawing on the floor for an art project while I heard a ring at the door. We were expecting the piano tuner to come anytime today, but I would’ve understood if he hadn’t made it. Lord knows that I wouldn’t have gone out on a day like today, not after the accident. It was all three of us in the car, Clarissa, me, and her father, that is. We were driving down a quiet street on a rainy afternoon and the next thing I knew it felt like we were floating. He was driving the car and Clarissa was in the back seat behind the passenger’s side where I was. Nobody prepares you for that kind of trauma… to look over into the seat next to you and see a loved one in that suddenly still state. It wasn’t real… it couldn’t be… and that’s what i thought for a good few years. I wasn’t going to be alone, my husband did not die driving my daughter and i home from the first parent-teacher group meeting we’ve ever had… it’s like we had just started on this great journey together, and now I was all alone. All alone in raising her… We had dreamed about how wonderful she was supposed to grow up to be as a result of our combined efforts. The parent-teacher meeting was years ago now, she might have been in the first grade. Today, she is in the fourth grade and she is so beautiful. Her father would have been ecstatic to have seen her at her recital this last winter playing a classic Christmas piece that has been played over and over again countless times nonetheless, but doing something that was beautiful and wanting to learn how to make music.


“yes?” I asked as I looked up from the computer screen.

“I’m here to tune the piano?”

And that was when we first met. George was my husband’s cousin. He hadn’t been in contact with him since before he met me, so I never met his cousin, who’s name was Drew.

So this was a writing prompt that I wrote a response to months ago. I thought I’d share it with you all. What do you think? Should I continue with the story?

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