Wwyd? My story for this prompt 9/13/13


This morning I felt strange. I woke up with a cloud of musky air surrounding me; something wasn’t right here, it smelled alright, but it wasn’t a usual smell on me. As I proceeded to stand, I felt the muscles in my arm tense up.. .crap, what did I do yesterday? I looked down at my legs.. gosh do I need to shave! Wait.. my hair is never this wiry.. I stared into the mirror and saw the last thing I expected to see staring back at me. The usual thing I would see was my auburn hair, with black streaks in it from the highlights I put in myself. Now, all I saw was a male face, with ice blonde hair, and washboard abs. The face looked familiar, in fact, too familiar. I was in the body of my best friend. That explained the sore muscles; he works out daily.

As I made my bed (yes, that’s what I do when i wake up, it’s an OCD habit of mine), i saw something as i adjusted the pillow. What was it? I reached down, feeling the leather on the tips of my fingers. Kris had told me about it before, he writes some of his crazy dreams or thoughts down in a leather note book, i just never thought i’d be holding it. After all, he never told me where he put it. I don’t think he’d want me to read it, but right now I’m him, so I went ahead and started on page one.

“Let’s see… dear diary, I– no, that’s stupid, I’m not a girl… OK, Hello, journal… — That’s even weirder. Ok, so I decided i was going to write in this becuase I want to track my dreams or thoughts, so here it goes. I got this for chistmas a long time ago, and i just now found it again; since I cleaned my room.
So, let’s start with my most recent dream. It invovoled my bestfriend and i. gosh she’s dense…”
I took offence, but kept reading it.
“I swear, even in the dream when I flat out told her that she was gorgeous, she was like “thanks, I wish guys thought about me like that…” Serisouly, abby, I am a guy. I like you, and you’re too dense to see that, even literally in my dreams. I love you though, abby, and you can’t see. The way you fiddle with your pencils when you’re thinking about what to write on a test. The way you smile, changes my whole day. If i’m having a bad day, that’s why i’m at your house, because you make me feel better, even when i’m upset. Now, I’ll continue the dream. sorry, uhh, journal thing… So we were–”

I stopped my reading there for a second. What was he talking about? I’m not dense. Ok, well maybe I am… but he’s never told me anything like this, or at least I don’t think he has. I’ll just continue reading.

“we were in her room, and she was tickling me. Gosh, she doesn’t know how much torture that causes me, it makes me just want to kiss her, right then and there…”

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