Hey Again

I haven’t been writing much, I know. Recently I’ve been on spring break, simply enjoying my free days doing nothing. I wanted to tell you guys about what I have been thinking about lately, which will seem very small, or maybe pretty big to some of you, depending on the person. I’ve been thinking about happiness and vibrancy,but I want to talk about the absence or dissipation of the two. There’s this show, the bachelor, which I’m fairly sure most of you have heard of by now. But I don’t want to talk about the show really, but rather I want to talk about a girl that was on it– Britt Nilsson. Now you can’t be so sure about everything you see on TV, or in life really, but there was something about her happiness and optimism about the whole experience on the show that felt genuine. She seemed like she was on cloud nine every time that she saw the guy in the show. Her eyes would light up when she saw him, and it seemed like their connection was so strong that they would become something. But I guess you really don’t know if two people are really in love just by looking at them interact, or maybe you can, but I’m not going to be the judge of that. So something happens during the show, and it deeply upsets Britt, it basically breaks her. Her smile is less wide, and her eyes don’t seem to be as bright as they were when she had that feeling of adoration toward him. I’m not saying that he deserved her adoration, but it’s a shame that he didn’t look at her in that way, or that simply being broken from him has dimmed her light slightly.


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