Raindrops falling

So recently I was talking with someone about the band ‘the weekend’, and she told me about some of the background behind his songs… Apparently there was an instance where he had said something along the lines of crying in the rain, because it masked the pain. It was saddening to think about what the metaphor meant. He was crying in the rain and basically nobody noticed, because there’s water all around… And his tears were indistinguishable. I think it’s interesting how we can go through life and disguise our pain, or even outwardly show our pain, and nobody has to notice. That may be a good thing in some cases, if we wish to conceal our pain because of the reason behind it, but also bad. It’s bad though because in the cases that we do hide our pain, we wonder why others aren’t mind readers. We wonder why they can’t imagine that we’d cry in the shower and be standing under the pouring water, in immense pain over the feelings we’re feeling inside. But the water can mask that, it will wash away our tears like the rain washed away Abel’s (the main singer from the weekend) tears. He was crying in public, and there was no distinction between his tears and the rain, because it just all looked the same. I’m not saying this to shame the people around him for not noticing, or even to imply that he wanted help. But I feel like somebody, like him, could be showing vulnerability and be so broken down and right in front of us, and we wouldn’t notice. Maybe it’s disguised behind the rain.


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