“I need a roommate!”

Recently I’ve joined this Facebook group for the university that I’ll be attending this fall, and this message is littered all over it. “I need a roommate!” or “I’m looking for a roommate!” and I can’t help but to think … “oh really? I thought you were here because you loved having your page struck with 100 things posted on this page everyday!” … but unfortunately I have to remind myself that for clarity’s sake… it’s helpful to say that the purpose of your post is to find a roommate. Some people do post random things on that page that, and granted do have something to do with college, but are not specifically roommate seeking posts. However, these notes are not simply the same in the sense that people use the same tag line at the top, but rather they seem to all be looking for the same type of person… which I’m not saying is bad, but let’s look at the common interests that these cliche’s have…

“Hey, so I’m looking for a roommate and I’m so excited to be going to ***************** **************** University!

I love God, Netflix, and my cats!”

Okay, so maybe these girls don’t love their cats… but I’ve seen them place Netflix on the same level as God multiple times! Which correct me if I’m wrong… but in comparison to a movie and TV show search engine… I’d at least think that you’d denote the search engine to enjoying… and not loving, at least if you’re saying you love God on the same level as Netflix. I don’t scroll by these types because I have anything against their religion, but I would hope that if my roommate is a devout Christian she’d at least place God above Netflix.

Another thing about this Netflix phenomenon is that many people believe that they are unique for liking Netflix… when in reality it’s in at least half of those posts on the page. WE ALL LIKE NETFLIX… or at least most of us. What shows do you like in particular? What hobbies are you hoping to maintain at the university? Do you want to start a club? Those things are interesting and separate you from the rest. Or maybe do you know code and how to program computers? I’d be interested in that type of roommate, because being good at code is at least somewhat unique.

“I need a roommate! I know I’m late on this guys, but if anyone is looking for a roommate still, HMU!”

Okay, so yes it’s getting late in the picking process… but you don’t need to specify that it’s late… of course it is, but we’re all future college students we understand your procrastination, you don’t need to explain! We get it.

Rushing… rushing in general. Most of the girls on there who say that they want to rush also include the caveat that they don’t care if there roommate is going to rush, but it would be “awesome” to have one that did! So I have nothing against rushing or the Greek system, but you really don’t have to be that wishy-washy on the type of person you want to live with you. It’s like a football player and a science major thinking that they’re going to live in the same dorm together for very long. If there is a sports dorm, the football player will likely move. If there is an honor’s program that the science major moves to, they won’t be rooming together for long. My point is, if you want to have longevity with this roommate, maybe just state what you’re interested in, and then see who bites. But just an FYI, if you get into that sorority… and your roommate doesn’t rush… she’s most likely staying in the dorm and you’ll be leaving to live in the sorority house (unless you’re on a campus that doesn’t have houses for sororities, but I am pretty sure that after a semester or two of pledging, girls move into the house, or are able to).

I realize that these cliche’s are easy to fall copy… hence making them cliche’s. We also naturally don’t want to exclude any possible roommates, but if you condense your search, you’ll find more quality (at least in regards to what you’re looking for) roommate possibilities. I probably committed a few cliche’s too, but I left my post fairly short. I stated the sort of things I was into, a few shows that I like, and my intended major, and now I have a roommate who likes most of those things too! Of course your roommate won’t like everything you do, and they don’t have to. You won’t have to be with your roommate every waking hour. But if you’re going to be around somebody for sleeping, and the other minimal activities you’ll need your room for, you’ll want to have a few similar values and interests.


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