So I was just thinking about passwords as I logged onto WordPress… such weird little things that are the magical code to our joy on a certain website… Well anyway, so I was thinking about them. Because about 75% of the time when I log onto a website, I’m uncertain what my password is. I just simply type in a password of the many I have in mind… and then BAM! most of the time it works. Other times… not so much. Sometimes I find myself typing in three or four different passwords before I can get it right, and then still I have to use the forgot password thing. Which makes me feel like an old person… which I’m really not, so sorry to any of you older folk who may read my blog, but it’s true. These are websites that I log into quite frequently, so you would think that I’d remember these passwords! Alas, I don’t… so I have some suggestions for password managing experts. I wonder what the name of that occupation is… passcoder?.. password specialist… or simply computer encoder…. like who manages this bank of passwords for sites all over the internet??? I have no clue, but here are some suggestions for those experts.

One: These is no way in hell that I’m going to remember which site is case sensitive, needs one capital letter, needs two capital letters and a number, needs to be just numbers, or has to be all lowercase letters (which may not even exist)… but my point is, there’s no way I’ll ever know. So maybe you could attach in those “account verified” emails something that tells us the parameters of our password for that site. And let’s hope that we never forget our email password.

So I guess it was more of a suggestion… not a few. But my point is like I said, I’m feeling old because of these many parameters and confusing hoops to create a password… by the time I’m done making passwords there’s this part of me that just says ‘forget’ it, and I just plead to the universe that my phone never fails me by logging out of them accidentally (… thanks Kik messanger!). I realize that a lot of the hoops and all are made so that passwords are more secure… but they’re dizzying. Anyway, if any of you have any password rants, or suggestions of how to make the memory process easier without giving hackers a step up, then comment below! Also, if you know the occupation name for someone whose job is to set up the password and username storage for certain websites, I’d be interested to know what that’s called! haha.


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