Hyper Links

Hey all, so I learned how to use hyper links. That is why you will now see every once in a while little highlighted words that connect to links! I’m actually excited about this (don’t ask me why… I realize it’s silly to be excited about), because I’ve been trying to figure it out. Last night I realized it was really easy. Anyway, I was on one of my favorite ‘time wasters’ today, IFunny (see in this post what I’m referencing).

I was curious what the feature had in store, and I found this glorious little invention called the tea calendar. This calendar legitimately keeps you on track with your tea consumption by providing you one slip of tea for every day of the year. Check it out guys! But if you’re lazy and want to stay on this page, this is what it looks like.

The actual website has a better description though, and they go into the details of what awards it has already won even though technically it isn’t a product on the open market yet, and will require more testing or something. Whatever happens, I’m going to try to stay up to date on the latest news about it, because it would be a perfect gift for someone like my mom.

One thing about IFunny, however, is that it shows us these amazing things, making us desire them instantly because they are so unique and innovative. A downfall about that though, is that some of these things aren’t available, or in the case of the “jumping bridge” in France, don’t exist.

The bridge was never made, because the proposal was turned down by the city for many reasons. Before I knew this though, I was led astray by IFunny that captioned it “jumping bridge in Paris” and nobody knew it wasn’t a reality. We all just believed that France was cooler than the U.S. and actually built a trampoline bridge :’D Which in reality could potentially be a risk to those crossing it and bumping into each other, and could inhibit water traffic for larger boats crossing underneath.


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