So today I was rock climbing, and during it, I was preoccupied by something. In rock climbing, there’s bouldering. Within bouldering there are certain routes set to accomplish, and those are called ‘problems’. So, I was climbing a problem today that was difficult. I had tried it the other day when I went with my friends, but I didn’t complete it. What happened, was we were bouldering and then they all got tired of it, but I was climbing that problem right as they were ready to move onto something else within the gym. I was kind of bummed, because this was happening while I was mid-problem, and I really wanted to solve this one. So today I was back to the gym, and I made it, I solved that problem that I wanted to solve last Friday. What got in the way last time was not limited to the time crunch however, I was stuck at a certain part on the problem that required shifting my weight over. I don’t boulder much, so usually any transition in bouldering (especially ones that require me supporting most of my weight with my arms) isn’t the most comfortable thing. That’s why I like it though. Personally, bouldering is a challenge. Rock climbing in general is a challenge, but bouldering adds height– with the caveat that when you let go, you are falling right away. Now don’t be so scared, boulders are only 16 feet maximum height typically, and there is a mat under you. However, I am not one for falling gracefully, or even falling in general. Despite having a mat under you though, you can still fall wrong, because not all falls are planned falls. The mat is there just in case you slip during a move– and believe me, that slipping is not fun (but is any slipping really fun?). I just wanted to share with you all that our mind is our biggest controller. If I hadn’t talked myself into moving for the transition on that problem, I would’ve continued to get stuck on that part. But once I talked myself into it the first time, it wasn’t as scary.

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