“Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride.” (more stories)

The month is approaching, and I can already imagine it; My June wedding. I didn’t know what the appeal was until one of my sorority sisters suggested it to me. My fiance and I wanted to get married after our last semester of college. My sister raved to me, “It’s the best time. Sarah, it’s the only time. Get married in June, trust me.” I didn’t question at the time why I was following the advice of an unmarried college girl. Now, I’m thinking I should’ve taken a moment to consider it. But, my fiance and I sent out invitations for June. Let me tell you something about the month of June where I live. It’s burning hot, uncomfortable and clammy, and you can feel sweat rolling down your back. This was the lovely picture I had of my wedding month. I could see it now… Walking down the un-air-conditioned aisle that is humbly called the great outdoors. Yes, I was going to have a beach wedding. My feet will probably become so sweaty that the sands sticks to them. Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride? Straight out of college? I still have to remind myself. It’s not because my sorority sister suggested it, but because I love my fiance. I am deeply in love with this man that I’m going to marry. I couldn’t imagine waiting another month. Also, it’s perfect timing. All of my sorority sisters will be free to be bridesmaids, and I had enough time to de-stress after finals and then jump into wedding planning. Yes, I’ve been planning it for about a year now, so it was all basically planned, but there are so many last minute things that I’m glad I have time for. I’m not getting married for the month, I’m getting married for the person. That is why I wanted to be a June bride, and that is why I’m going to walk through that sand with beads of sweat, and be smiling every minute of it.

Yes, this is another prompt. Tomorrow I’ll probably write a regular post. We’ll see, hope you guys liked it 🙂


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