why cars scare me and make me mad

As humans, we have come a long way during our time on this earth. We have created processed foods with ingredient names that we cannot even usually pronounce anymore. We have started crafting objects and rides to trigger the adrenaline responses hardwired in us that make us feel this extra sense of being “alive”. We have created machines to fly through an atmosphere too high to reach by normal means, and so on. We have created a lot of things that weren’t here when we started– including the automobile. Everyone has one, whether it be a Prius or a Hummer, it’s a machine that can be controlled by a human, but can also harm one greatly if ever in contact with one, or with another car.

So I would like to talk about speeding…. In Driver’s Ed, I was so kindly informed that in the case that I, a permitted driver, were to surpass the speed limit by 15mph, I could be arrested. That’s fine with me as I had/ have no intentions of going any faster than I really need to. Some person wrote on the internet, ” Want to frighten your 16 or 17-year-old this Halloween?  Tell her that if she is charged with speeding more than 15 mph over the speed limit, she’ll be arrested and she’ll lose her license.”  That’s a quote from a source that I looked up to confirm that a permitted driver could get arrested. The other day I was in the car– not driving, I must add, and an adult was driving. This adult got pissed off and proceeded to drive 15mhp over the speed-limit because he was angry… So luckily for him he didn’t crash with me and the other passengers, and he didn’t get his license revoked for the 30 day period that adults get for speeding that much over. Hypocrisy at it’s best, someone who’s told me to stay at the speed limit speeds and then gets offended when I tell him not to. I’m just telling his senior ass that he is not above the law, no matter how old he is.

To those of you out there who speed, why do you do it? and really what’s the point of risking the one life that you and other’s have on this planet just to get somewhere faster, or express your anger by flying off the handle?

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