The guy

So, I think I told you all, my sister’s boyfriend was planning on having me meet one of his friends. Yesterday, that’s what happened. I only had a few minutes to talk to this guy, because I had to leave soon. It was a shame that we didn’t get to talk that much, he was nervous, so he didn’t really say much, and then he wasn’t able to stay inside the place I was, so that complicated things. Here is my overview of everything about him though: He is beyond adorable. He’s taller than me, definitely not hard with me being just a bit more than five feet, but I appreciate a good height difference. He is like 5′ 11″ ish I would say. His eyes, could kill. They are “O M G!” Worthy. They are so perfectly colored, like rare lookng marbles or something. His smile; so cute. I was kind of disappointed though, since because he was nervous, I thought he seemed a little uninterested. But, my sister’s boyfriend later told me that it was he because he didn’t want to mess up, and that he thought he blew it or something. Anyways, we are probably going to arrange for us to be able to meet again, hopefully this time for longer. Admittedly, I was nervous too, but it wasn’t the kind of nervous he was. He was nervous to where he could only really respond to questions, but didn’t know what to ask or talk about. My nervousness, was shakiness. He couldn’t see I think, but I felt worse than a chihuahua out in the winter time. I managed to say things though, so hopefully he enjoyed the impression I gave him. Because he’s really cute, and I’d like to possibly have a chance with him 😉


Lately my eye has been feeling weird. It like has this little pain in the right corner of it, and it hurts when I blink. I don’t know what it is, but it reminds me of my eyes every time I freakin’ blink. When I think about eyes, I think of then as the window to the soul. Which makes me curious of what my window’s view is. What part of my soul can people see through my eyes? What does a guy think when he looks into them? Like those thoughts from someone might be the thing that a boyfriend could say to me that could make me fall in love with him. I think we should all tell our little cutesy thoughts about others, it would be wonderful. Honestly, it would brighten a lot of people’s days, to hear something good about themselves, that they don’t even consciously mean to do.
Another thing, I met a guy the other day ;)… Kinda.

Nostalgic for smells

So, earlier today, after my workout, I was taking a shower. After I popped open the lid of my shampoo, I had a remembrance of the same scent, but from the past. My shampoo is coconut scented; and it’s smell is along the lines of the same scent of a my little pony I used to own, from when I was like ten years old. It was kind of strange, smelling my shampoo and thinking of a plastic toy pony. One certain moment of playing with that toy also pops up in my head every time I think of it. I had played with it many times, but that time, for some odd reason, stuck out to me. Anyways, now that I’m sitting here writing this, it has made me aware of other scents, or times, of nostalgia I’ve experienced.
The scent of the air on a fall day. The sense of wonder about relationships with boys, and the days when the idea of it felt intangible. How I felt when I met the archer for the first time. How I felt when I felt something for the archer the first time. Now, even though it’s not that far in the past, the way I felt when I met and talked to Dominco for the first time. How I felt just the other day, when I would pause, thinking “is this when we’ll kiss?”
Memories and nostalgia are a wonderful thing. I like to try and look back on my memories and not be sad that they are memories, but be happy that they happened. I don’t want good times to have to become memories, but that’s what life is; It is a compilation of memories. You have a set duration of time, that you remain unaware of from the day you’re born, until the day you die. I think that the point of life, is to love to your full extent, and to really make your mark in people’s hearts. In order to live a fulfilling life, in my opinion, is to be remembered in a substantial way. To be remembered for a special thing that you do. Maybe I will write a book, maybe I could be a motivational speaker, or maybe I could create something new. I don’t know what my life’s purpose is yet, but I know I want to leave this world having meant something. I want to make my mark, in the chaos of life.
Maybe my mark could be to one person. To mean the world to one person, could possibly make me, mean something to the world in it all.

How I see it

How is see it, is that if someone has the chance, they’ll go back to what they’re comfortable with. Comfort can be: a place you lived a long time, the way it felt to have a drink in your hand (for an alcoholic), being young and carefree again, or getting back into an old relationship (which most of us easily fall back into).

A young college student may go off to college for their freshman year super excited. Once they’ve gone through a few months of living on their own, though, they may want of just run back home. They’ll go back to where they’re comfortable. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to like something because it’s comfortable, but sometimes it may not be the best option. How do we expect to grow if we live life completely in our comfort zone? We’ll never experience anything, or mature, if we’re all still living with our parents, after we get a glimpse of the real world.

My brother dated this girl for a while, and I’m not claiming that he was comfortable with her– wait actually, yes, he was comfortable with her. But you see, she broke up with him. Her reasons, are unknown to me. Though, what I do know, is that he still goes over to her house, on occasion, to feel that comfort. Which he claims is them being ‘friends,’ which I kind of doubt. I’m not saying you can’t be friends with your ex. What I am is saying though, is that if you still have feelings for your ex, something may not be happening between the two of you, but you still are cultivating your feelings for them.

One of the many beauties of life is that we have the capacity to move on. For death, it is called grieving. Though we don’t like to admit it, we do move on after a person’s death. It’s not like we don’t miss them, it’s just that we have gone through the motions and have realized that life can carry on. It’s the same thing with a break up. Sure, it does suck during those first few weeks of loneliness, but that’s just the hardest part. Once you get over them, it gets easier, and life goes on. But sometimes, during this ‘grieving’ stage, an ex may come and ask for your forgiveness, and for you to ‘take them back.’ This is what we call the “on again, off again” couple, because they are always flip flopping in and out of the same relationship. In some cases, they possibly should stay in the relationship, but only if their breakups are because of outside conflicts. However, if a couple goes through this more than 3 times maybe, I might just consider them dysfunctional. Dys, I would imagine, means doesn’t. And functional, means to work. So this couple, I hear by declare, should just face it, they don’t work together.

That point brings me to the main idea of this thought. If you are in your “on again, off again” relationship because you’re comfortable, you probably should just breakup. Because, like I said earlier, if we all stay in our comfort zones, we will never be able to grow and experience new things (i.e. relationships).

So, if you are consistently having trouble with a relationship, why not just break up with the person? After all, you may feel a sense of freedom, and you would have the opportunity to develop a different, and possibly more healthy, relationship.


That reminds me of something

The other day I was sitting somewhere, and as I looked to my right I saw an interesting sight. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I saw two women who looked like they came out of the cartoon ‘recess.’ It’s like mind blowing to me that certain people can remind you so much of something. One of the ladies had sort of pale skin and dirty-blonde hair. Her hair was in a low ponytail, and was kind of greasy looking. The other one was tan and had black Afro-curly type of hair that was kind of uncontrollable looking. They both weren’t wearing makeup either, which reminded me more of that cartoon. Because it didn’t really draw makeup on the characters. I’m not saying that these things alone made them look completely like cartoons, but it was their clothes as well (I just don’t remember/ know how to explain what they were wearing). Another person who reminds me of something. There is this one acquaintance/ friend (I guess I could consider it that) who I know, and his face reminds me slightly of the yellow angry bird. You know, the one with the dark-thick eyebrows? Well his eyebrows remind me of that, and his nose does as well. He also has interesting looking eyes. He’s not bad looking or anything. For some reason though, he reminds me of that angry bird.
Do any of you know anyone that reminds you of a certain cartoon, character, or thing? If so, please share 🙂