Back, again

So I haven’t taken much time to write on here lately, and I miss it. I’m going to aim for at least three, or more, posts each week from now on. But don’t be too rough on me if I fail to reach that amount 😉

Lately life feels like it has been on a standstill in a way. You see, my dog isn’t doing so well. He’s 12 years old, and dwindling away every day. His state of spunky-ness suddenly dropped a few weeks ago, and he lost a good amount of weight as well. We brought him to the vet once he seemed to be doing bad, and they recommended putting him down. We decided not to, because it was too soon, obviously he had some life left in him. He’s still with us at the moment. He was better at the time, when we first brought him. The vet gave him fluids, and he perked right back up. Then less than two weeks later, we brought him back. The first bounce-back (so to speak) had faded. So again they suggested to put him down, but still my mom couldn’t do it. So they gave him more fluids, and it’s been about a week now since his last visit. The fluids this time around only were a few hour fix to his waning state of energy. Over these past few weeks there have been a lot of tears shed for him. When I got back from the gym today I didn’t completely expect to see him alive. But he amazed me yet again when I saw that he was still breathing. The reason life feels at a standstill, is because he’s sort of like an old person right now, when you know their time is near. You want to spend time with them, but you know it’s just a matter of time. He’s been like a little brother to me, annoying at times because he got in the way when I was walking through the house; but he’s always had a good paw to cry on as well, though. I can tell that he probably won’t be around anymore within the next week or so, I just hope he goes calmly and that he knows he’s been a wonderful pet and that I love him.

I dream of…

So tonight I was sitting around with my sister whilst she searched the web. She came across this pretty interesting article (google search) about why flamingos are pink. It said something along the lines of flamingos starting out grey. It said that their ‘plumage’ eventually turns pink because of the diet they eat that includes crustaceans and algae. So I was very excited (not really, because I knew it was impossible) about an idea I had where I would feed my cat algae, and his little white areas on his body could turn pink. Because, come on, that would just be adorable! I thought it would’ve interesting, because you see, he’s a tuxedo pattern, black and white cat. So his fur would look like someone in a tuxedo with a fancy pink shirt, and little pink paws 😀
But in reality I guess I can face the facts, ‘woe is me,’ I will never be able to use algae to turn his little fur into pink plumage :/