Describe your love interest’s eyes without using color:

Almost 3 Years ago, the account of him:

That was the first moment I saw his eyes. I read too much into them, or maybe just enough. It was a summer day, but no sunlight was peering in through the windows of the building. They were positively radiant, because there was something dynamic about the way that you held them. Wide open and willing to explore anything. The luster of them was dazzling, as if they held unmoving shooting stars in either one of them. Those were the sort of eyes you could get lost in, and maybe they would lose themselves in yours. Not only was the inside magnifying, but the way your skin wrapped about them was as well. You would be happy and something magical would occur around the sides that hinted toward your emotions. It was conveyed simply through that mischievous squint. Those were the eyes I fell in love with.