“Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride.” (more stories)

The month is approaching, and I can already imagine it; My June wedding. I didn’t know what the appeal was until one of my sorority sisters suggested it to me. My fiance and I wanted to get married after our last semester of college. My sister raved to me, “It’s the best time. Sarah, it’s the only time. Get married in June, trust me.” I didn’t question at the time why I was following the advice of an unmarried college girl. Now, I’m thinking I should’ve taken a moment to consider it. But, my fiance and I sent out invitations for June. Let me tell you something about the month of June where I live. It’s burning hot, uncomfortable and clammy, and you can feel sweat rolling down your back. This was the lovely picture I had of my wedding month. I could see it now… Walking down the un-air-conditioned aisle that is humbly called the great outdoors. Yes, I was going to have a beach wedding. My feet will probably become so sweaty that the sands sticks to them. Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride? Straight out of college? I still have to remind myself. It’s not because my sorority sister suggested it, but because I love my fiance. I am deeply in love with this man that I’m going to marry. I couldn’t imagine waiting another month. Also, it’s perfect timing. All of my sorority sisters will be free to be bridesmaids, and I had enough time to de-stress after finals and then jump into wedding planning. Yes, I’ve been planning it for about a year now, so it was all basically planned, but there are so many last minute things that I’m glad I have time for. I’m not getting married for the month, I’m getting married for the person. That is why I wanted to be a June bride, and that is why I’m going to walk through that sand with beads of sweat, and be smiling every minute of it.

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kisses are just the beginning (another story AKA this is just a character, not a real-life story of mine)

When you’re young, you think that your first kiss will be everything. I remember day-dreaming in third period about my first kiss. I wanted it to be with this cute guy that sat a row behind me. That is, until my face broke-out with acne and I had the self-esteem as– … well let’s just say I had low self-esteem in middle school. It wasn’t until I was a freshman in high school that it happened. On that fateful night I was at a varsity football game, JV just seemed to point out the fact that I was young, so I went to varsity games to watch the younger varsity players. I was a science geek though, so I didn’t have many chances with the jocks of the school. Little did I know how little these titles would mean as I got older. At the time, it felt like the end-all-be-all. You were either someone, or no one, there wasn’t much of an in-between. Regardless of my luck with the athletically gifted, my first kiss did occur at a football game. I went with a bunch of friends from my science class, and there was this one brunette with glasses. Needless to say, he wasn’t that guy that would sit a row behind me in middle school. No, this boy sat in the same row as me, in the front of the class. This boy and I had been talking for a few months, and it was clear that we liked each other. Well, it was clear if you were not either of us two. We legitimately had no clue.

My first kiss:

Scene- the football field track, the players have just left the field.

My crush and I were hiding in the bushes. We both shared curiosity of what the field would be like after everyone left. So, we decided to do a stake out. My mom thought I was at my friend Jenny’s house for a sleepover after the game. Jeff, my crush, was who I was actually with, but Jenny’s house was through the woods, so I was going to go there afterward. Anyway, back to the kiss. My crush and I had been building up tension, walking slower, talking slower. We basically were slowed down to half-speed for any bodily function– I’m not sure, but I think my heart was even beating slower– or faster, maybe it was the only odd one out. “so, I don’t know how to tell you this, but–” before I could speak anymore, he grabbed my hand. I stopped, and he looked into my eyes. He pulled me in, and we kissed. It was awkward and fumblingly moving our mouths (mimicking what we saw in the movies), and neither of us had a clue what we were doing. Our arms were moving, but not really going anywhere. He pulled me closer, causing my balance to be thrown off– but I didn’t care. I was kissing another person… my lips were touching somebody else’s lips. To me, that was surreal. I didn’t know how to process it. We went on to date for two months.. I ended it.

Next stop, sophomore in high school. I realized I didn’t like science anymore, at least not as much as makeup, cheerleader, and boys. I know, I know. High school cliche… should’ve stuck with something more academic. I was sixteen at this point, cut me some slack. I was now the girl version of a jock. My hair was long and smooth, my acne had been under control a bit more, and I grew into my body. Before, at the beginning of these four years… I was honestly uncomfortable, but at a point I felt like I came into my own, and that’s when I felt like exploring other options. I became really interested in physical activities, and cheer-leading appealed to me because of the gymnastics aspect. The jocks noticed me now. I was part of the crowd. That crowd of someones that are only someones within the confines of those school walls. But I was someone, and to me, that mattered. I wanted to be liked by the guys I liked. It was all so simple, yet it felt so complicated. Sophomore Year: I was dating this football player, Andrew. We had gotten to second base, which for me felt monumental, I thought that I was in love… I found him and my best friend kissing each other by his pickup truck after a football game that I missed cheering for one night. My best friend was a cheerleader too, so we all knew each other. I had broken my ankle, and I wasn’t able to cheer that night, but she was, and she walked him to his car.. I was waiting on the other side to surprise him after the game. They won that night, but my heart was broken.

Last stop, at least for now. I’m turning eighteen, and am going to be an incoming freshman at a university this fall. My boyfriend and I have been progressing physically fairly fast, and I don’t know what to do when I reach this next step. I know I’m young, but I feel safe with him, but then again, I felt safe with Andrew. He keeps asking me things along the lines about how I feel about having sex with him. Truthfully, I’m unsure. A lot happens in four years, and I’m about to experience a lot more as I start this next four year journey. I know that now I can handle the things that felt so big when I was younger, but everything feels so monumental as you’re approaching it– as you’re experiencing it. I’ve gathered one thing, kisses are just the beginning.

Again guys, this is just another story. This was my response to a story-telling prompt.

Why was her floor covered in broken glass?

I walked in and I saw it scattered across the floor. There she was, on her knees, scrambling to sweep it all up. Rosie was a glass blower, but why was her floor covered in broken glass? I looked around, and the front door was open. “Rosie, are you alright?” I couldn’t help but ask as I got on my knees to help her.

She pushed herself up from the position she was in, “I’ll be fine, thanks.”

“What happened?”

“Umm,” she hesitated, avoiding my gaze for a moment, “I was carrying in a piece, and I slipped on some oil that fell on the floor earlier…” Most would’ve believed her, but not me. I just wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Oh, that’s a shame. Well here, let me help you with this,” I continued to pick up the pieces, and she got a brush for the smaller ones. I wasn’t going to leave until I knew he was gone. I saw a car in the woods, and I wouldn’t dare leave her vulnerable.

******FLASH FORWARD********

That night, I went outside, but only for a short moment. I came back in after I made it seem like my car wouldn’t turn on. “Do you want to stay the night?” she offered. I accepted, and set up my bed in the living room. I was positioned in front of the stairs, so that in case he decided to come in, she wouldn’t be vulnerable. The plan was that I would get someone to come fix my car in the morning.
I got a text from my wife, “honey, where are you?” So I sent a quick reply.
“My sister’s house, she is having trouble with the kids.”
“Okay, I love you. Night.” she texted back. I couldn’t tell her what I was up to.

So I decided to answer a story prompt today, I hope you guys liked it. I realize it’s kind of short. If you would like me to continue this story, comment below! 🙂