The other day I was on the web going through Pinterest, mindlessly looking through a category of things I will probably never try, because I usually just look at them rather than planning on doing them. During it, I realized that I was really wasting my time because i was just going through things, liking them, while knowing I was going to forget them later. So after dismissing that thought for the meantime, I went on to look further through Pinterest and eventually I decided to go watch a video on YouTube by a comedy channel that I like. Once I switched to blimeycow (the comedy channel) I saw the name of the video for this week and realized the irony of the situation, it was titled “35 things to do that don’t involve staring at a screen.” Once I watched it, I decided to take action! (I know, how noble of me…) by trying to go for a long period of time (a few hours at least, because I’m weak 😛 ) trying to go screen free. The video brought up a great point, some of us get bored, and then go to our screens for entertainment, like going on twitter or Facebook. All that we usually end up doing though is just switch from page to page of Facebook and twitter back and forth, when we aren’t actually paying attention, and are still bored. So during my mission to go without the screens, I tried doing a thing that the video had suggested (at least I think it suggested this one) I drew something. After I finished my drawing, I was determined to stay on task of not getting my eyes glued to another screen. So I did another thing the video suggested, I tried starting a journal. Sadly, since that day, I haven’t returned to write any other passages in it, but it helped me come to the realization that I was going to finally start a blog. Like I said in my first post, it’s always been an aspiration of mine to start a blog, and I finally have 🙂
So as my mission drew on, I struggled to find things to do that didn’t involve other people after a while, I wanted to pass a football back and forth with my sister outside, but she was busy. Eventually, that same day, I knowingly resorted back to my screens for further entertainment. I like to think that I did learn something from my mission though, I think I did… because I realized that I no longer wanted to spend all of my free hours mindlessly staring at my screens, like an iPod, tv, computer, etc.
I am happy that I at least tried to test myself though, and I feel like the lack of screens gave me more time to actually think, and ponder things. The lesson I took away from it was, screens may be great, but you should try to not always be staring at one aimlessly.

On a further note, you may be thinking “but aren’t you staring at a screen writing this??” Well yes, yes I am, but although I’m staring at a screen, I feel like blogging actually makes me engage my mind rather than staring at a screen with my eyes glazed over. It also gives me the opportunity to add the great big web and put in my two cents, rather than doing what I did before, which was reading everybody else’s and just falling into a routine of looking at something that had already been created, which involved no work on my part.