Reviving Bricks

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Reviving Bricks.” Hey all, so I decided to take on a prompt that I found on another WordPress account. The prompt is “reviving bricks,” and the description provided says “You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do […]

Do you keep a diary or a journal?

Yes, and no. Yes, but no because I don’t write in it too often. I do own a journal, and it switches back and forth between diary and journal. While I was in Europe last summer, it served as a place to log what was happening, along with how I felt about it. It wasn’t too deep, since I didn’t have much time to fully write out my thoughts, as most of them were written on a moving bus while I was supposed to be listening to what the tour bus driver was saying. I was more interested in the people around me though, and the things that would get stuck in my mind. Now that I am home, I either forget to write, I write on WordPress, or I write story ideas in it. One time I actually was responding to a story prompt, and wrote in it. I forgot what the story prompt was, but I think it said something like “talk about fire,” so that’s what I did. There’s a book full of story writing prompts that I really enjoy, and it is called “The Writer’s Block” which is cute because the book is shaped like a box, and if you don’t like it, you can always use it as a paper weight.

I’m going to be going back to Europe this summer, so I’ll probably try to write more in my journal, or diary (however it would be classified).

Do apps help you, or just waste your time?

Hello readers. Just a moment go I posted my plan for how I will maintain a regular posting pace, and this is hopefully the first of many posts. This is a prompt online, that I found sitting next to many other prompts on a list of about 135 prompts that I intend to answer.

So, “do apps help you, or just waste your time?”

I would like to start off by a resounding YES to wasting time, but also a stressed “but”, because they can help you. In my opinion, I’ve found writing apps like WordPress, Wattpad, and My Daily Journal to be quite helpful because they sharpen certain skills, not necessarily by increasing your level of writing, but merely being a constantly changing atmosphere because of all of the content. Another app that I’ve seen be helpful is Duolingo, which is a language learning application. It has been quite helpful actually since I can learn French without a paid program, and I will be able to use that skill I gained via that app. It really is a great app, you guys should check it out.

Back to my YES. There is a reason for that. Some apps are notorious for being time wasters. For example, apps like IFunny. People use this app in times of boredom, and some have even said that they’ve used it to pass time while on the toilet. In my opinion, it is a waste of time, but it is certainly fun (and a good talking point between frequent users). I wouldn’t say it is a complete waste, but in retrospect it is. In fact, it is categorized in my phone under a folder labeled “Time Wasters”. Next to it I put snap chat, and now that I think about it, I might add Facebook. However, these seem like a somewhat worthy waste of time as well, if used in certain ways. Snapchat can be used to video chat, send pictures, send messages, and post stories (which are mini photo reels of certain posts from the day’s postings for each person). These features are good in a couple of cases. In our increasingly busier lives, we may forget to touch base with others until it is too late in the night to bother them to inquire what they’ve been up to that day. Snapchat allows you to take a peak at that. There has been a bad reputation that Snapchat has acquired, though, since not everyone is innocently curious of what is going on in their friends’ lives. Some have used it for other purposes, but overall, it is a good way to capture the day’s activities and condense them in ten seconds or less clips and pictures. Facebook has its merit because it is a social media site that connects people. Now I know that we spend a majority of our time on technology during this new generation, but I think that it’s at least better to spend those hours talking to other people rather than not talking to anyone during the whole day. On the other hand, some use it for spreading political propaganda, and others just post so damn much that I end up reading through my news feed as if it were a daily newspaper.

I would imagine that all of us have a different view on what time well spent looks like, but in this achievement era, I would say that productivity seems of high priority. If we think of helping being of emotional value to you, then I think anything that helps you stay occupied if you need to forget about life for a while isn’t a waste of your time. Almost all of these apps seem like they have a nugget of help in them, or at least pleasure, which I would consider important.

Ps. If you would like me to elaborate further on any of the apps I use, or what I think of particular apps, comment below! 🙂

A topic a day keeps writer’s block away

Hey readers. So I have been doing some thinking over the past few days, and I’ve decided I’m going to try to post at least three times a week,as well as write the rest of the story I have started on Wattpad (and have sadly neglected). The title of this post is cheesy, but it’s to give you a preview of what I’m going to be attempting to do. I will either write a story (on Wattpad), or my take on the certain prompt I read each day of the week (on here under writing), save maybe one day.

Ps. Writing in the dark is hard, maybe I should look for the USB keyboard light I have somewhere.

The first of many ;)

So, throughout this month I will try to touch base, and keep you all updated fairly frequently. I’m hoping daily, but I’ve promised that in the past and we all see how that goes. The reason this month will be so concentrated is because I’m also taking on the task of conquering another novel November by writing 50,000 words. Last year (I don’t know if I have told you all this), I did succeed in meeting that large request, but I never finished the novel. It’s still tucked away somewhere in my documents on my lap top, but oh well, it’s a project for another month. This month, I’m starting anew; a clean slate (it’s stated in the rules that you have to think of all ideas, characters, plots, etc, in the moth of November). So, that is what I have been up to these last few November days. I’ve gotten a base idea written, and a short outline for about the first third of the book, wish me luck! 😛