That reminds me of something

The other day I was sitting somewhere, and as I looked to my right I saw an interesting sight. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I saw two women who looked like they came out of the cartoon ‘recess.’ It’s like mind blowing to me that certain people can remind you so much of something. One of the ladies had sort of pale skin and dirty-blonde hair. Her hair was in a low ponytail, and was kind of greasy looking. The other one was tan and had black Afro-curly type of hair that was kind of uncontrollable looking. They both weren’t wearing makeup either, which reminded me more of that cartoon. Because it didn’t really draw makeup on the characters. I’m not saying that these things alone made them look completely like cartoons, but it was their clothes as well (I just don’t remember/ know how to explain what they were wearing). Another person who reminds me of something. There is this one acquaintance/ friend (I guess I could consider it that) who I know, and his face reminds me slightly of the yellow angry bird. You know, the one with the dark-thick eyebrows? Well his eyebrows remind me of that, and his nose does as well. He also has interesting looking eyes. He’s not bad looking or anything. For some reason though, he reminds me of that angry bird.
Do any of you know anyone that reminds you of a certain cartoon, character, or thing? If so, please share 🙂