There are lots of problems in this social world. We are to quick to make blank statements (without even verifying with ourselves quite yet of what we want to say), we are to slow to love when we are being loved, or contrarily we love too much too fast, we stay up late when it’s […]

Hi, readers. So today I was reading through quotes on pinterest (shocker! gosh.. when am I not on there?) Anyways, I was reading through quotes and there was this random month long journal prompt list. I think I’ll try it (for a private journal) but tonight I’ll have to catch up like 15 days worth, […]

The breakdown

There’s a time that you won’t see coming. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but I think it maybe–possibly, it happens to most . That moment where you break down, and cry. Not because it’s over, but because you want to know if you’ll ever feel that way again… one can only hope. People think you’re […]

Okay, so I know this blog isn’t supposed to be dedicated to talking about boys, so I’m going to talk about something else for a sec.  I don’t know if I’ve told you all yet, but, Fall is my favorite season. The other day I was looking out my kitchen window, and thought that the […]

Why can’t I think as clearly as some people? Some days (mostly in 2012’s school year) I feel like I have ADD when it came to my thought process. Like for instance, sometimes I can’t hold a thought for longer than like a minute before my mental dialogue changes to something that’s the polar opposite […]