Two wolves

So if the image I found attached correctly, you will see a picture of a wolf and a short story. That’s the story of the wolves I was talking about in my previous post. I liked stumbling upon this story earlier because it made me reflect on mental health and how its quality can greatly increase or decrease depending on whether you feed our pessimistic or optimistic side. Yes, it is easy to see things more positively when you are happy, and vice versa for anger. We are not perfect humans by any means either, so remembering this story of two wolves may not help when someone has reached a point of no return in regard to regulating their reaction. Although, it is a good story to keep in mind as hopefully a precautionary idea when it comes to dealing with those we love. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how some people allow themselves to be most cruel to those they love the most, because they don’t fear abandonment of that person. However, that’s a dangerous luxury to get used to, because no matter what relation you have toward someone, you could lose them. So in hindsight, you’d probably regret treaty them horribly. I’ve seen this pattern happen a lot in married couples that I have observed over my lifetime, where one partner will be constantly cold toward the other (not necessarily unreciprocated). It’s a shame to me to see though, because that person may be bound to you in wedlock, but that doesn’t give you permission to treat them negatively and use them as an emotional punching back. 
So, as far as how you treat your loved ones here on out, I challenge you to not look at your relationship with them as never-ending, because there is a certain point of abuse where people must move on for their own emotional health. As far as the wolve story and how it ties in, I suggest you channel the power of that good wolf toward this challenge of appreciating and loving your loved ones.

Let’s get writing 

Dear readers, 

I know it has been a while and I am sorry that I haven’t written sooner. I don’t remember what I even posted last. I’m forgetful of who I was dating at the time, how college was going, and why exactly I bailed on you all for months. I suppose I could go back to my last post and figure out what I told you all, but for now I’m on the mobile version of WordPress and would just like to tell you all that I’m going to attempt to return to you at least every so often, or maybe every other day if I can manage squeezing in time to write. 

The starting of this past year was quite interesting. I broke up with my boyfriend of one year in the fall of 2015, which then landed me talking to the archer again for a short spurt, which resulted in my love life including him when I welcomed the new year. However, shortly after the spring semester of 2016 started, the long distance between him and I wore down, so we called it quits. 

Segue into mid semester a month or two after the archer and I finished, I met someone. It’s not like I hadn’t seen him on campus before, but I hadn’t met him until the middle of the spring. We hung out for a bit and decided to start talking to each other, as he plainly stated to me right away that he was looking for a relationship. After figuring out that we genuinely liked each case others’ personalities, rather than just liking each other for our looks, we started dating. Currently I am still dating this guy and I will call him my gentle giant for the purposes of this blog. He may develop other nick names, but for now, when I say gentle giant that is who I am talking about. 

Now enough about guys, let’s talk about a few other things. As far as personal health, I am working on being more conscious about my emotions and the occasional depression that I may face. I’m trying to learn of ways to cope with it and not let it overcome me and make me lash at those who I love. I read this great short story today and it’s an elder’s tale about the battle between two inner wolves. I will find it and copy it so that you may all read it, and then I will attach it here. 

The semester is about to start and I am excited to get back in the groove of learning about stuff within my major and growing my intellect as I go. Currently, while I still have down-time, I am reading “The Free State of Jones” and I encourage you all to check it out. I’m going to try to finish this based-on-a-true-story book before I go see the movie, so that I have an idea of the backstory  behind it. As far as other exciting things go, I have moved into my new apartment and am loving it. It is certainly an adjustment, but I’m glad to be living off campus before I have to move out into the “real world” and manage living in an apartment while also having a job. 

I’ll talk to you guys later ^~^