Achem… I’m sorry

Hello dear readers,
I am so sorry that I have yet again failed to be consistent in my postings (to those of you who possibly enjoy reading my random thoughts on a regular basis). Recently I’ve been relatively busy. With Christmas arriving, making cookies surely is an added hassle on trying to get to bed at a reasonable time before having to do school in the morning. It always seems too, that even when I’m in my bed, sleep can still be hours away. What can I say, sometimes I turn into a temporary insomniac. Anyways, the cookies took up a lot of my nights. One thing I find frustrating about baking or making treats is that I always munch on the food slightly during the process. This habit causes me to feel sick (from all of the sugar) and annoyed at myself for not having more self control haha. I guess that is something that we all have to practice during the holidays, though– self control. It’s strange, you’d think that it’d be easy. After all, you control what your body does everyday, don’t you? Well yes, but somehow the added temptation of food in front of us tends to make our hands have a mind of their own…
Anyways, here’s a message from me, to all of you. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and remember to check back to here to update everyone on WordPress of all of your merry escapades!

To love again

There are so many pieces of me, darling, that I would be delighted to share with you. In this moment though, I’m wary of whether you are close enough to hear. I don’t know your name, all I know is you are probably very wonderful. I hope that you enamor me with your presence. Take my breath away by your radiance. Cover me with your adoration, only if I deserve it, though. Most of all, I hope that in the moment that you realize I’m all you have wanted, you don’t give up if I don’t feel the same. I hope to have the capacity to feel the same. I want to adore you, I want to be infatuated with you, I want to be convinced without a doubt that I love you. This is what I request from you when you discover me; make me feel the way I think I have already felt, again.