OBJECTIVE: Write a scene that involves a tuning fork

It was a rainy day and as I looked outside I saw the intense raindrops crash on top of the branches of the trees near my office. Clarissa, my daughter, was working on her drawing on the floor for an art project while I heard a ring at the door. We were expecting the piano tuner to come anytime today, but I would’ve understood if he hadn’t made it. Lord knows that I wouldn’t have gone out on a day like today, not after the accident. It was all three of us in the car, Clarissa, me, and her father, that is. We were driving down a quiet street on a rainy afternoon and the next thing I knew it felt like we were floating. He was driving the car and Clarissa was in the back seat behind the passenger’s side where I was. Nobody prepares you for that kind of trauma… to look over into the seat next to you and see a loved one in that suddenly still state. It wasn’t real… it couldn’t be… and that’s what i thought for a good few years. I wasn’t going to be alone, my husband did not die driving my daughter and i home from the first parent-teacher group meeting we’ve ever had… it’s like we had just started on this great journey together, and now I was all alone. All alone in raising her… We had dreamed about how wonderful she was supposed to grow up to be as a result of our combined efforts. The parent-teacher meeting was years ago now, she might have been in the first grade. Today, she is in the fourth grade and she is so beautiful. Her father would have been ecstatic to have seen her at her recital this last winter playing a classic Christmas piece that has been played over and over again countless times nonetheless, but doing something that was beautiful and wanting to learn how to make music.


“yes?” I asked as I looked up from the computer screen.

“I’m here to tune the piano?”

And that was when we first met. George was my husband’s cousin. He hadn’t been in contact with him since before he met me, so I never met his cousin, who’s name was Drew.

So this was a writing prompt that I wrote a response to months ago. I thought I’d share it with you all. What do you think? Should I continue with the story?

Archer series: why Archer

Archer, is the nickname I have chosen for the guy that I like, to be called on here. If you were wondering readers now, not only is he the guy that I like, but we have now been dating each other for… wait for it, a month and almost three weeks 😀

I enjoy my time so much with my archer, seeing him just charges my happiness right back up 🙂

So now, the explanation of “archer.” his birthday classifies him as a Sagittarius in the zodiac signs, and the Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. So yeah, his name will be archer, for that reason.


Archer series: thank you, SS

This is the part of the story where SS comes in, you thought that i was finished with the story? because of what happened? well, think again, dear readers, for i guess fate had a plan. i will try to keep the SS part short, for it doesn’t matter anymore. As i told you, i was kind of into him for flirting, but one day, he took it a step further and asked for my number. I gave it to him, and a week went by, and he didn’t text. I know what you’re thinking “what a jerk, a whole week? he asked for your number” well, maybe that’s what i was thinking, but anyways. SS and i eventually ran into each other again, and after hanging out for about 30mins i brought it up and asked “did you ever text me?” and he said “yeah, i said hey and i got like one reply” and then i said “oh, well, i think i gave you the wrong number.” he laughed it off, with his ego a little bit shot i think, and then i gave him the correct number. This time, double-checking. so i texted SS for about a week or two, and i thought he was pretty fun, we even shared a peck on the lips eventually, but then he started texting less, and asked me randomly one day “does your sister go out with anyone?” This shocked me, because i was thinking that he liked me, and i said “yea.. why?” and then he said “because i need someone to go out with :(.” I was very confused, i had thought that he was eventually leading up to going out with me, but then he said something that made his actions make sense “well my brother likes you.” His brother, dear readers, is the archer. I was honestly thrilled to hear this, even though i felt bad about leading on somebody, not to mention, the archer’s brother. But alas, he was like “well i want to do something nice for my brother. And he talks sweetly about you all the time. He likes you more than i do.” He didn’t say all of that at once, but that is what he basically said the rest of the time, just summarized. I was still slightly skeptical, because why wouldn’t his brother have approached me about this before? I hadn’t noticed that the archer liked me this whole time. So, he said “hit him up on Facebook”  and with that i waited the ‘appropriate amount of time,’ in my opinion (about 30mins) to go to his bother’s Facebook page, which I was well aware of finding already, as I had looked him up before. So with that, i waited and added him. After that, I said “hey” and then he replied “hey beautiful”

If it weren’t for SS, i wouldn’t have started talking to his brother, the archer.

On that same day, one of my long time texting pals had also asked me if i would go to the movies, and with just the hope of being with the archer looming in my mind, i said “if it’s as a date, it’s a no, because i kind of like someone.” I definitely was still interested in the archer.


Archer series: I couldn’t have been more blind than I was on this day

So now it had been a few times that i had run into archer, and i was definitely into him. But, he didn’t show up for a while, so i had started loosing hope in crushing on him, to the point where i started checking out other options. I didn’t admit to anyone though, that the archer was secretly at the top of my list of who i had a crush on, and would go out with. But the archer didn’t show for a while, and another, younger, option presented himself. He came into conversation with us with a very original line, sadly, so original that i won’t be sharing it, as to keep this anonymous. So we met him, and he kind of resemble the archer, but i didn’t take much note of it.

So, with my wandering Gemini tendencies, I thought, “well maybe the archer is busy with someone else, and that’s why he hasn’t shown, it wouldn’t hurt to try to not stay hung up on him.” I thought about this other option, but he was too immature for my liking, and was ranked as a “flirting buddy” in my eyes.

Eventually, the archer returns, for the part of the story where i had sort of dropped thoughts of him (resulting from allegations against him that i’m not going to disclose, as i later figured out were lies, which i suspected they were all along). So, being very good at changing visible tracks of who i was going after (even though i was, after all , still hung up on him) i was surprised to see the archer back, and ready to mingle, with me. I had no clue that he was flirting with me, because i dismissed looking for any signs of him liking me, because now, he seemed like a “bad boy” to our group. But to me, i couldn’t help but not believe the things that were said, because i felt like he was still a truly good person. Nonetheless, the thoughts of our group swayed my flirt-radar, and he was trying to flirt that night. He came to where i went after we played basketball, and he participated in what i was doing, and he brought two friends. One of them, wasn’t that great looking, and i thought he was in a relationship. The other, earring guy, looked good, so i tried my hand at flirting with him. Little did i know, archer was the whole ring leader of this operation because he came to flirt with me. I ended up taking a small talking break from what i was doing, and as a result of playing the field, i asked them all what their names were. So then later that evening, the archer and his friends went off to the pool, not forgetting to invite us first. But, we said no, because we didn’t have our swimsuits. He ended up asking me later, after they returned from the pool, if i wanted to play rackquet ball, but being stupid, and distracted with what i was doing, i declined his obvious attempts to hang out with me further. Then before he left, and even though i had (unintentionally) declined all his advances, he waved goodbye as he headed up the stairs. If i hadn’t heard the one thing that i heard about him, that could’ve been the start of our relationship. Or at least me asking for his number. Because before i heard what i heard, i was planning on asking for his number.


Archer series: seeing him, part 1 and 2

Part 1: This time, the archer came up and was asking my twin and i questions about what grade we were in, and what school we went to. Along with everyone else that asked the question of our school, he seemed sort of disappointed when i told him that i’m home schooled. He kept talking, asking questions about what it’s like being a twin, and we played basketball as well, so we weren’t able to have a lengthy conversation or anything. It came time that i had to move onto my next activity at the gym, so i told him where i would be, and left. I don’t think i recall seeing him much for the rest of that day, except when he went up the stairs to leave.

Part 2: The second time i saw him after we met, he was wearing this Uber hot, pink shirt, with the sleeves cut off 😉 it went so well with his skin color (black). It made me kind of intimidated again with the thoughts of “he is way too hot to possibly like me.”  He was kind of quiet and pouty that day, i was tempted to just go up and give him a hug, but i didn’t because i didn’t know him that well yet. So he and i didn’t say much to each other that day, but i definitely noticed him.

Added note: there was this guy that i met sometime, i think it was in between the times that i saw the archer, but yeah, he’s part of the story too. his name will be SS.


Archer series: How I met the archer

The story of the archer. It was a lonely day of single-dom, I was hanging out in the basketball courts trying to shoot hoops with my sister and friend. There was a guy that i had just met, well not met exactly, but anyways, he showed up that day at the courts, and came up to me, following the archer. The guy i met, i hadn’t exactly met. He got my number from my sister’s boyfriend’s phone, and started texting me, but i hadn’t seen his face. We talked, and he seemed pretty cool, i felt as though i was doing most of the effort though. So when i first saw texting boy, he barely compared to the taller, and sweeter looking, archer. The archer had a sparkle in his eyes. Texter boy just seemed a bit cocky. So i decided, that i would actually flirt back with the boys today. In my opinion though, i’m not sure it came off as flirting, because I’m not sure of how good a flirt i am. So i kind of dismissed liking texting boy, and set my eyes on the archer. he’s not an actual archer, by the way. So the archer asked my sister, my friend, and i, if we wanted to play a game of 3 on 3, but we declined. Then, the other two guys left, and he asked again. This time though, it would be 3 on 1, him being the one (because we told him we weren’t very good… because honestly, we weren’t). We accepted, and i was impressed by how well he moved. He definitely wasn’t shy when playing, he knew he was good, but not in a way that was too cocky, unlike how texting boy seemed. So we played with archer, and he won. Keep in mind, he was a one person team against 3 of us. I enjoyed playing with him though, especially when i could get closer by guarding him haha. Soon enough, it came time for us to leave :/

I gathered up my stuff, and then i turned around and walked up to him and said something like “my name is ___, what is yours?” and then he replied “archer (he actually didn’t say archer, but that’s the name i’m going by to keep him anonymous) and i think, if i remember correctly, he reached out to shake my hand. i had a kind of stumbly reaction because i had stuff in my hands, and couldn’t use the correct hand. But nonetheless, i shook his hand, and i think with that i left. Apparently my friend said that she saw him check me out, or like bite his lip, when i turned my back to him and was leaving. I guess you could say, that i was hooked. I wasn’t quite sure that she was right with her observation, though, , because i thought “it would be cool if she was right, but why would someone as good looking as him be into me, she probably saw wrong” but, she didn’t.