Just one more bite

It has been a few days since I have written last, which is because I have been on vacation. Like I’ve said before, I don’t really have any certain idea of what my blog posts will be about, but I am aiming to keep you all interested. Which is why today I want to talk about one thing I think a lot of us can sympathize with, which is the phrase… “Oh i’ll just have one more bite.” Now I know there are some out there who have no problem honoring this statement, but I know I have more than once gone back on that phrase; For example, i’ll be eating some dessert or something, and I’ll say “just one last bite” (to myself, in my mind), and then I take another– last bite! Another thing is sharing dessert. You know, when you were younger and your parents would say “well there is only one more piece of cake, so you’ll need to share it with your sibling” admit it, you took the larger bite, didn’t you?
another example is if you are asked to get someone a piece of cake from a table of placed out pre-cut pieces, so you take two at random, and then when you get to the table you have that awkward, but fairly short, pause where you stare at each of the pieces to size them up, and then probably take the bigger piece for yourself. I think some people may knock this habit (for maybe the option to not feel as bad about eating the cake, so you end up taking the smaller piece to feel less guilty about it, because it’s less by a teensy bit) but then again, some of us might not. In all honesty, I don’t actually eat desserts as often as I have been bringing them up in my posts, I just think about them a lot. Even more so, now that lent has started, because I gave up dessert. Do any of you have any examples for these things too? And have any of you made some Lenten promises you would like to share?


The right way

Over the years I have adapted certain ways of eating my foods, and i have also noticed other methods that I don’t like. The first time I noticed that I prefer certain ways of eating my foods started with ice creams which have things like cookie dough bits, chocolate chips, yard squirrels and puppy dog tails (well those last two aren’t actually legit… I just got side tracked) so as I was saying, I noticed that I would save the little bits till the end, and eat them last. Then i realized i liked eating ice cream sandwiches in the order of the top layer of chocolate whatever is called, then having the ice cream, and finishing the bottom layer of the chocolate stuff. I’m not quite sure why when I ate those two things (on occasion I would have those, but rarely ever now) I had the tendency to eat them that way, but I just did. Eating the ice cream sandwich by bites of every piece together felt wrong for some reason; it would go too quickly, and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy it.
I just have a feeling that when you eat things in parts it makes you enjoy it more. There are a few other things, like fiber one bars, oatmeal (with chocolate chips), and jellybeans.
The fiber one method I “inherited” from my sister, goes like this… she eats it where she opens up the wrapper (like in the picture)

And she lays out the fiber one bar and methodically goes through picking out the chocolate pieces (placing them in a pile) while eating the oats and crunchy ish part first, and then when she finishes going through the whole bar, she eats the chocolate. Now I know this certain method is strange, but I feel it’s better than being able to shove a whole one of them down your throat so fast that you don’t enjoy it. Now onto the oatmeal and chocolate chips. It’s a breakfast staple for me to have my oatmeal in a coffee mug with dark chocolate chips mixed in just right, so that there isn’t a great big clump of chocolate at the top, middle, or bottom, but instead spread throughout it. I go through my cup of oatmeal, and I eat around the spots where the chocolate chips are, and then I get certain bites with a lot of the chocolate. I don’t mix it up, or pour milk over it, and it pains me (not very much, it just bugs me really) to see somebody mess up my ideal way of eating it on the occasion I make it for them.
The last, but not least, of foods on my mental list of things I eat strangely, or more like methodically, are jelly beans. I like to eat them one at a time, keying into the certain flavor that I’m having, and chewing off the outer hard ish coating, proceeding to finish the, I guess you would call it ‘jelly‘ portion of the jellybean. It’s also a good method of eating them slowly, rather than the method my dad and brother use, where they grab a handfull, and just eat them all together o_o it’s like jellybean murder… How can somebody enjoy jelly beans if all of the flavors are randomly meshed together?? So my readers, my question is, do you have any certain methods of eating your food?


The turducken of desserts

Today I was helping my mom prepare some goodies for her co-workers, we made a thing that we saw on Pinterest. It was a cookie, with a Reese’s cup in the middle (or Oreo, as another option) and brownie on top, baked together. Before this, about six months… Or was it a year o.0… So anyways, a little ways in the past, I had tried baking another thing along the lines of this, a cookie covered Oreo. Each of these desserts were fairly successful, and I think they are very neat creations, but I can’t help but wonder, what would their turducken type name be?? For those of you who don’t know, (I’m not sure how many people know what a turducken is…) a turducken is this food collaboration where the cook stuffs a chicken inside a duck, and then inside a turkey. I’m not sure how exactly your supposed to cook it, or how it tastes, but it’s an interesting concept. So what do you all think the cookie, Reese’s peanut butter cup, and brownie collaboration should be called?


The picture was taken before I added the brownie batter, and these were the Oreo ones.