“Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride.” (more stories)

The month is approaching, and I can already imagine it; My June wedding. I didn’t know what the appeal was until one of my sorority sisters suggested it to me. My fiance and I wanted to get married after our last semester of college. My sister raved to me, “It’s the best time. Sarah, it’s the only time. Get married in June, trust me.” I didn’t question at the time why I was following the advice of an unmarried college girl. Now, I’m thinking I should’ve taken a moment to consider it. But, my fiance and I sent out invitations for June. Let me tell you something about the month of June where I live. It’s burning hot, uncomfortable and clammy, and you can feel sweat rolling down your back. This was the lovely picture I had of my wedding month. I could see it now… Walking down the un-air-conditioned aisle that is humbly called the great outdoors. Yes, I was going to have a beach wedding. My feet will probably become so sweaty that the sands sticks to them. Remind me again why I wanted to be a June bride? Straight out of college? I still have to remind myself. It’s not because my sorority sister suggested it, but because I love my fiance. I am deeply in love with this man that I’m going to marry. I couldn’t imagine waiting another month. Also, it’s perfect timing. All of my sorority sisters will be free to be bridesmaids, and I had enough time to de-stress after finals and then jump into wedding planning. Yes, I’ve been planning it for about a year now, so it was all basically planned, but there are so many last minute things that I’m glad I have time for. I’m not getting married for the month, I’m getting married for the person. That is why I wanted to be a June bride, and that is why I’m going to walk through that sand with beads of sweat, and be smiling every minute of it.

Yes, this is another prompt. Tomorrow I’ll probably write a regular post. We’ll see, hope you guys liked it 🙂

kisses are just the beginning (another story AKA this is just a character, not a real-life story of mine)

When you’re young, you think that your first kiss will be everything. I remember day-dreaming in third period about my first kiss. I wanted it to be with this cute guy that sat a row behind me. That is, until my face broke-out with acne and I had the self-esteem as– … well let’s just say I had low self-esteem in middle school. It wasn’t until I was a freshman in high school that it happened. On that fateful night I was at a varsity football game, JV just seemed to point out the fact that I was young, so I went to varsity games to watch the younger varsity players. I was a science geek though, so I didn’t have many chances with the jocks of the school. Little did I know how little these titles would mean as I got older. At the time, it felt like the end-all-be-all. You were either someone, or no one, there wasn’t much of an in-between. Regardless of my luck with the athletically gifted, my first kiss did occur at a football game. I went with a bunch of friends from my science class, and there was this one brunette with glasses. Needless to say, he wasn’t that guy that would sit a row behind me in middle school. No, this boy sat in the same row as me, in the front of the class. This boy and I had been talking for a few months, and it was clear that we liked each other. Well, it was clear if you were not either of us two. We legitimately had no clue.

My first kiss:

Scene- the football field track, the players have just left the field.

My crush and I were hiding in the bushes. We both shared curiosity of what the field would be like after everyone left. So, we decided to do a stake out. My mom thought I was at my friend Jenny’s house for a sleepover after the game. Jeff, my crush, was who I was actually with, but Jenny’s house was through the woods, so I was going to go there afterward. Anyway, back to the kiss. My crush and I had been building up tension, walking slower, talking slower. We basically were slowed down to half-speed for any bodily function– I’m not sure, but I think my heart was even beating slower– or faster, maybe it was the only odd one out. “so, I don’t know how to tell you this, but–” before I could speak anymore, he grabbed my hand. I stopped, and he looked into my eyes. He pulled me in, and we kissed. It was awkward and fumblingly moving our mouths (mimicking what we saw in the movies), and neither of us had a clue what we were doing. Our arms were moving, but not really going anywhere. He pulled me closer, causing my balance to be thrown off– but I didn’t care. I was kissing another person… my lips were touching somebody else’s lips. To me, that was surreal. I didn’t know how to process it. We went on to date for two months.. I ended it.

Next stop, sophomore in high school. I realized I didn’t like science anymore, at least not as much as makeup, cheerleader, and boys. I know, I know. High school cliche… should’ve stuck with something more academic. I was sixteen at this point, cut me some slack. I was now the girl version of a jock. My hair was long and smooth, my acne had been under control a bit more, and I grew into my body. Before, at the beginning of these four years… I was honestly uncomfortable, but at a point I felt like I came into my own, and that’s when I felt like exploring other options. I became really interested in physical activities, and cheer-leading appealed to me because of the gymnastics aspect. The jocks noticed me now. I was part of the crowd. That crowd of someones that are only someones within the confines of those school walls. But I was someone, and to me, that mattered. I wanted to be liked by the guys I liked. It was all so simple, yet it felt so complicated. Sophomore Year: I was dating this football player, Andrew. We had gotten to second base, which for me felt monumental, I thought that I was in love… I found him and my best friend kissing each other by his pickup truck after a football game that I missed cheering for one night. My best friend was a cheerleader too, so we all knew each other. I had broken my ankle, and I wasn’t able to cheer that night, but she was, and she walked him to his car.. I was waiting on the other side to surprise him after the game. They won that night, but my heart was broken.

Last stop, at least for now. I’m turning eighteen, and am going to be an incoming freshman at a university this fall. My boyfriend and I have been progressing physically fairly fast, and I don’t know what to do when I reach this next step. I know I’m young, but I feel safe with him, but then again, I felt safe with Andrew. He keeps asking me things along the lines about how I feel about having sex with him. Truthfully, I’m unsure. A lot happens in four years, and I’m about to experience a lot more as I start this next four year journey. I know that now I can handle the things that felt so big when I was younger, but everything feels so monumental as you’re approaching it– as you’re experiencing it. I’ve gathered one thing, kisses are just the beginning.

Again guys, this is just another story. This was my response to a story-telling prompt.

Why was her floor covered in broken glass?

I walked in and I saw it scattered across the floor. There she was, on her knees, scrambling to sweep it all up. Rosie was a glass blower, but why was her floor covered in broken glass? I looked around, and the front door was open. “Rosie, are you alright?” I couldn’t help but ask as I got on my knees to help her.

She pushed herself up from the position she was in, “I’ll be fine, thanks.”

“What happened?”

“Umm,” she hesitated, avoiding my gaze for a moment, “I was carrying in a piece, and I slipped on some oil that fell on the floor earlier…” Most would’ve believed her, but not me. I just wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Oh, that’s a shame. Well here, let me help you with this,” I continued to pick up the pieces, and she got a brush for the smaller ones. I wasn’t going to leave until I knew he was gone. I saw a car in the woods, and I wouldn’t dare leave her vulnerable.

******FLASH FORWARD********

That night, I went outside, but only for a short moment. I came back in after I made it seem like my car wouldn’t turn on. “Do you want to stay the night?” she offered. I accepted, and set up my bed in the living room. I was positioned in front of the stairs, so that in case he decided to come in, she wouldn’t be vulnerable. The plan was that I would get someone to come fix my car in the morning.
I got a text from my wife, “honey, where are you?” So I sent a quick reply.
“My sister’s house, she is having trouble with the kids.”
“Okay, I love you. Night.” she texted back. I couldn’t tell her what I was up to.

So I decided to answer a story prompt today, I hope you guys liked it. I realize it’s kind of short. If you would like me to continue this story, comment below! 🙂


So today I was rock climbing, and during it, I was preoccupied by something. In rock climbing, there’s bouldering. Within bouldering there are certain routes set to accomplish, and those are called ‘problems’. So, I was climbing a problem today that was difficult. I had tried it the other day when I went with my friends, but I didn’t complete it. What happened, was we were bouldering and then they all got tired of it, but I was climbing that problem right as they were ready to move onto something else within the gym. I was kind of bummed, because this was happening while I was mid-problem, and I really wanted to solve this one. So today I was back to the gym, and I made it, I solved that problem that I wanted to solve last Friday. What got in the way last time was not limited to the time crunch however, I was stuck at a certain part on the problem that required shifting my weight over. I don’t boulder much, so usually any transition in bouldering (especially ones that require me supporting most of my weight with my arms) isn’t the most comfortable thing. That’s why I like it though. Personally, bouldering is a challenge. Rock climbing in general is a challenge, but bouldering adds height– with the caveat that when you let go, you are falling right away. Now don’t be so scared, boulders are only 16 feet maximum height typically, and there is a mat under you. However, I am not one for falling gracefully, or even falling in general. Despite having a mat under you though, you can still fall wrong, because not all falls are planned falls. The mat is there just in case you slip during a move– and believe me, that slipping is not fun (but is any slipping really fun?). I just wanted to share with you all that our mind is our biggest controller. If I hadn’t talked myself into moving for the transition on that problem, I would’ve continued to get stuck on that part. But once I talked myself into it the first time, it wasn’t as scary.

Hyper Links

Hey all, so I learned how to use hyper links. That is why you will now see every once in a while little highlighted words that connect to links! I’m actually excited about this (don’t ask me why… I realize it’s silly to be excited about), because I’ve been trying to figure it out. Last night I realized it was really easy. Anyway, I was on one of my favorite ‘time wasters’ today, IFunny (see in this post what I’m referencing).

I was curious what the feature had in store, and I found this glorious little invention called the tea calendar. This calendar legitimately keeps you on track with your tea consumption by providing you one slip of tea for every day of the year. Check it out guys! But if you’re lazy and want to stay on this page, this is what it looks like.

The actual website has a better description though, and they go into the details of what awards it has already won even though technically it isn’t a product on the open market yet, and will require more testing or something. Whatever happens, I’m going to try to stay up to date on the latest news about it, because it would be a perfect gift for someone like my mom.

One thing about IFunny, however, is that it shows us these amazing things, making us desire them instantly because they are so unique and innovative. A downfall about that though, is that some of these things aren’t available, or in the case of the “jumping bridge” in France, don’t exist.

The bridge was never made, because the proposal was turned down by the city for many reasons. Before I knew this though, I was led astray by IFunny that captioned it “jumping bridge in Paris” and nobody knew it wasn’t a reality. We all just believed that France was cooler than the U.S. and actually built a trampoline bridge :’D Which in reality could potentially be a risk to those crossing it and bumping into each other, and could inhibit water traffic for larger boats crossing underneath.

Do you keep a diary or a journal?

Yes, and no. Yes, but no because I don’t write in it too often. I do own a journal, and it switches back and forth between diary and journal. While I was in Europe last summer, it served as a place to log what was happening, along with how I felt about it. It wasn’t too deep, since I didn’t have much time to fully write out my thoughts, as most of them were written on a moving bus while I was supposed to be listening to what the tour bus driver was saying. I was more interested in the people around me though, and the things that would get stuck in my mind. Now that I am home, I either forget to write, I write on WordPress, or I write story ideas in it. One time I actually was responding to a story prompt, and wrote in it. I forgot what the story prompt was, but I think it said something like “talk about fire,” so that’s what I did. There’s a book full of story writing prompts that I really enjoy, and it is called “The Writer’s Block” which is cute because the book is shaped like a box, and if you don’t like it, you can always use it as a paper weight.

I’m going to be going back to Europe this summer, so I’ll probably try to write more in my journal, or diary (however it would be classified).

Do apps help you, or just waste your time?

Hello readers. Just a moment go I posted my plan for how I will maintain a regular posting pace, and this is hopefully the first of many posts. This is a prompt online, that I found sitting next to many other prompts on a list of about 135 prompts that I intend to answer.

So, “do apps help you, or just waste your time?”

I would like to start off by a resounding YES to wasting time, but also a stressed “but”, because they can help you. In my opinion, I’ve found writing apps like WordPress, Wattpad, and My Daily Journal to be quite helpful because they sharpen certain skills, not necessarily by increasing your level of writing, but merely being a constantly changing atmosphere because of all of the content. Another app that I’ve seen be helpful is Duolingo, which is a language learning application. It has been quite helpful actually since I can learn French without a paid program, and I will be able to use that skill I gained via that app. It really is a great app, you guys should check it out.

Back to my YES. There is a reason for that. Some apps are notorious for being time wasters. For example, apps like IFunny. People use this app in times of boredom, and some have even said that they’ve used it to pass time while on the toilet. In my opinion, it is a waste of time, but it is certainly fun (and a good talking point between frequent users). I wouldn’t say it is a complete waste, but in retrospect it is. In fact, it is categorized in my phone under a folder labeled “Time Wasters”. Next to it I put snap chat, and now that I think about it, I might add Facebook. However, these seem like a somewhat worthy waste of time as well, if used in certain ways. Snapchat can be used to video chat, send pictures, send messages, and post stories (which are mini photo reels of certain posts from the day’s postings for each person). These features are good in a couple of cases. In our increasingly busier lives, we may forget to touch base with others until it is too late in the night to bother them to inquire what they’ve been up to that day. Snapchat allows you to take a peak at that. There has been a bad reputation that Snapchat has acquired, though, since not everyone is innocently curious of what is going on in their friends’ lives. Some have used it for other purposes, but overall, it is a good way to capture the day’s activities and condense them in ten seconds or less clips and pictures. Facebook has its merit because it is a social media site that connects people. Now I know that we spend a majority of our time on technology during this new generation, but I think that it’s at least better to spend those hours talking to other people rather than not talking to anyone during the whole day. On the other hand, some use it for spreading political propaganda, and others just post so damn much that I end up reading through my news feed as if it were a daily newspaper.

I would imagine that all of us have a different view on what time well spent looks like, but in this achievement era, I would say that productivity seems of high priority. If we think of helping being of emotional value to you, then I think anything that helps you stay occupied if you need to forget about life for a while isn’t a waste of your time. Almost all of these apps seem like they have a nugget of help in them, or at least pleasure, which I would consider important.

Ps. If you would like me to elaborate further on any of the apps I use, or what I think of particular apps, comment below! 🙂

A topic a day keeps writer’s block away

Hey readers. So I have been doing some thinking over the past few days, and I’ve decided I’m going to try to post at least three times a week,as well as write the rest of the story I have started on Wattpad (and have sadly neglected). The title of this post is cheesy, but it’s to give you a preview of what I’m going to be attempting to do. I will either write a story (on Wattpad), or my take on the certain prompt I read each day of the week (on here under writing), save maybe one day.

Ps. Writing in the dark is hard, maybe I should look for the USB keyboard light I have somewhere.


I know we are halfway into 2015, and that New Years resolutions are a thing of months past, but how about we make a goal together: have at least one goal for this year. This goal could be whatever you’d like, but I request that you challenge yourself to make one. It could be as simple as blogging more, or learning more about a certain topic. I’m not sure what demographics are viewing my blog quite yet, but I have a feeling that most of us on WordPress have something different that we can bring to the table, and something new that we can add, or enhance in our life. Let’s make 2015 a conscious year that we contribute more to what we want to achieve in our lives.

“I need a roommate!”

Recently I’ve joined this Facebook group for the university that I’ll be attending this fall, and this message is littered all over it. “I need a roommate!” or “I’m looking for a roommate!” and I can’t help but to think … “oh really? I thought you were here because you loved having your page struck with 100 things posted on this page everyday!” … but unfortunately I have to remind myself that for clarity’s sake… it’s helpful to say that the purpose of your post is to find a roommate. Some people do post random things on that page that, and granted do have something to do with college, but are not specifically roommate seeking posts. However, these notes are not simply the same in the sense that people use the same tag line at the top, but rather they seem to all be looking for the same type of person… which I’m not saying is bad, but let’s look at the common interests that these cliche’s have…

“Hey, so I’m looking for a roommate and I’m so excited to be going to ***************** **************** University!

I love God, Netflix, and my cats!”

Okay, so maybe these girls don’t love their cats… but I’ve seen them place Netflix on the same level as God multiple times! Which correct me if I’m wrong… but in comparison to a movie and TV show search engine… I’d at least think that you’d denote the search engine to enjoying… and not loving, at least if you’re saying you love God on the same level as Netflix. I don’t scroll by these types because I have anything against their religion, but I would hope that if my roommate is a devout Christian she’d at least place God above Netflix.

Another thing about this Netflix phenomenon is that many people believe that they are unique for liking Netflix… when in reality it’s in at least half of those posts on the page. WE ALL LIKE NETFLIX… or at least most of us. What shows do you like in particular? What hobbies are you hoping to maintain at the university? Do you want to start a club? Those things are interesting and separate you from the rest. Or maybe do you know code and how to program computers? I’d be interested in that type of roommate, because being good at code is at least somewhat unique.

“I need a roommate! I know I’m late on this guys, but if anyone is looking for a roommate still, HMU!”

Okay, so yes it’s getting late in the picking process… but you don’t need to specify that it’s late… of course it is, but we’re all future college students we understand your procrastination, you don’t need to explain! We get it.

Rushing… rushing in general. Most of the girls on there who say that they want to rush also include the caveat that they don’t care if there roommate is going to rush, but it would be “awesome” to have one that did! So I have nothing against rushing or the Greek system, but you really don’t have to be that wishy-washy on the type of person you want to live with you. It’s like a football player and a science major thinking that they’re going to live in the same dorm together for very long. If there is a sports dorm, the football player will likely move. If there is an honor’s program that the science major moves to, they won’t be rooming together for long. My point is, if you want to have longevity with this roommate, maybe just state what you’re interested in, and then see who bites. But just an FYI, if you get into that sorority… and your roommate doesn’t rush… she’s most likely staying in the dorm and you’ll be leaving to live in the sorority house (unless you’re on a campus that doesn’t have houses for sororities, but I am pretty sure that after a semester or two of pledging, girls move into the house, or are able to).

I realize that these cliche’s are easy to fall copy… hence making them cliche’s. We also naturally don’t want to exclude any possible roommates, but if you condense your search, you’ll find more quality (at least in regards to what you’re looking for) roommate possibilities. I probably committed a few cliche’s too, but I left my post fairly short. I stated the sort of things I was into, a few shows that I like, and my intended major, and now I have a roommate who likes most of those things too! Of course your roommate won’t like everything you do, and they don’t have to. You won’t have to be with your roommate every waking hour. But if you’re going to be around somebody for sleeping, and the other minimal activities you’ll need your room for, you’ll want to have a few similar values and interests.